Get Rid of this Home Contractor Scam Once and For All

For real estate investors looking to improve a home, finding an honest, reliable, and cost-effective professional who can work on an as-needed basis is sometimes challenging. Private lenders are also always on the lookout for great home contractors to work around the United States.

If you are an investor or part of a lending company, you probably find people who sound excited to help you rehab a house. 

But there’s a catch. (more…)

August 1st – New Device Pricing – What You Need to Know!

Pruvan’s mission has always been to deliver the best quality mobile app and service while keeping costs down. Since 2010, we’ve added dozens of features to Pruvan (video, the Client Portal, surveys, just to name a few) while keeping prices at $20 per device. Like most companies, after seven years, we are overdue for a pricing increase.


Our new rates for device-based pricing are as follows…