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What’s the catch you ask? There’s no catch! But there is some fine print. Below are the nitty gritty details of the Pruvan Affiliate Program and how exactly you can make up to $100 per subscriber.

So this is how it works: if you refer a customer to Pruvan and they sign up for a paying account, you get 50% of the subscriber’s total bill for the first 3 months of their service plus one cent ($0.01) for the lead.

So, if a subscriber signs up for one (1) device at $25 per month, then for the next three months, you’ll receive $12.50 per month plus one penny for a total of $37.51.

If a subscriber signs up for 5 devices, a total of $100 per month, the you’ll receive $33.33 in month 1, $33.33 in month 2, and $33.33 in month 3 plus $0.01 for the lead for a total of $100. We spread payments out evenly over the first 3 months of the subscriber’s service which is why your payments wouldn’t be $50 in month 1, $49.99 in month 2, and $0 in month 3 plus the $0.01 for the lead.

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