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Onsite Background Check Support

In certain service-based industries, there have been initiatives to increase vendor oversight and complying with these initiatives has proved to be a bit tricky.

Some companies have started requiring background checks for their vendors that require additional work including multiple portal and multiple app log-ins at a job site to properly check themselves in.

Pruvan heard the cries for a streamlined solution and came to the rescue.


If your business needs to meet certain compliance initiatives and are asked to complete background checks, Pruvan has the solution. We have the ability to integrate with other third party software companies that collect background check information, and seamlessly send your check-in information to your client and/or another third party with just the click of a button. And Pruvan does all of this for FREE. Check-in is a feature that’s included with free Pruvan accounts so that it’s easy to maintain compliance without having to pay for another service.

Check-in is a requirement for many businesses in the Property Preservation and Inspection industries, so for more information on check-in specific to those industries, read more here and on our Support Center.

For those businesses in industries that aren’t held to certain vendor oversight initiatives, background checks can still be an asset to your organization. It goes back to trust and transparency. Clients will appreciate that vendors working at their homes and businesses are pre-screened and background checking your vendors can prevent liability issues for your business. Implementing check-in on a project is a simple on/off option and is easy to implement. Have questions about mobile check-in? Reach out!

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