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Get Paid More and Faster with Certified Photos, Videos, and Mobile Forms

Pruvan gets you paid more and paid faster by providing your clients with third party certified photos, videos, and mobile forms that prove a job was done right and on time. Our Pruvan Certified Service Record (CSR) verifies all photos, videos, and mobile forms submitted to the client so that the client knows for sure that the job has been “Pruvan.”


The ease in which clients are able to audit and verify results sent through Pruvan establishes a relationship built on trust and transparency. These qualities are essential for long term success for any business in this day and age of infinite options just a click away on the internet. Trustworthy vendors are more likely to get referred by clients to friends and family, thus expanding your client base and growing your business.

Pruvan’s certified photos, videos, and mobile forms also set your business apart from the competition.


You may ask, “How do these certified results REALLY set me apart from competitors? Why do I need them?”


Certified results give you the competitive edge you need in order to win new business. How many other companies out there can promise that their services are verified by a third-party application? Not very many. Clients will pay more for a job done right and on time with the added benefit and security of proof through visual evidence. Additionally, with Pruvan’s Client Portal, clients are given the ability to see the vendor’s work for themselves which to many clients is absolutely worth the premium.


Certified results also help mitigate risk which can lead to reduced overhead costs. Pruvan users have been able to negotiate down credit card processing fees by providing our certified photos as evidence of proof of completed service. With our certified evidence, the processing agencies deemed these businesses as less risky and reduced their fees. Our certified photos have also been used as evidence against false claims taken against companies and their crews, and they were protected from costly proceedings and settlements.

So what are you waiting for? Start getting paid more and faster with Pruvan’s certified photos, videos, and mobile forms.

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