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Stand Out From the Competition with Custom Branding for Your Business

When you choose Pruvan to be your mobile partner, we want to be exactly that, a partner that is simply an extension of your business. That’s why Pruvan offers FREE custom branding for your business where you can put your logo on our app. Add you company logo and colors to Pruvan Mobile, Pruvan Online, and the Client Portal. It’s an easy way to combine your brand with Pruvan reliability and functionality.


A-service-phoneCustom Branding allows you to choose a company logo and color scheme to permeate throughout Pruvan Mobile, Pruvan Online, and the Client Portal. After a simple set up that you can do yourself in your Pruvan Online account, your brand is seamlessly woven into the user experience. Vendors and clients will experience Pruvan as if it were your own mobile app and Client Portal, custom designed for your business.

Take a look below. A+ Service Pros wanted to design Pruvan Mobile and the Client Portal with their own logo and colors. Pruvan was able to not only add the A+ logo to Pruvan Mobile, but also brand the Client Portal as A+.

Additionally, A+ could choose to utilize their brand’s color scheme AND create a unique URL for their Pruvan Online account creating a login screen and online portal custom for their vendors and staff.

While Custom Branding projects will always be Powered by Pruvan, your company’s logo will be prominently displayed across the top of the mobile app on both iPhone and Android devices. This is an easy and painless way to integrate a mobile application into your business operations while still maintaining your brand identity.

Building and maintaining a mobile app is very expensive (which we discuss in our white paper: Improving Operations through Mobile Best Practices), but with our free Custom Branding, your business will have the mobile capabilities it needs to stand out from the competition at a fraction of the cost without the loss of brand recognition.



Creating a custom branded solution is easy. Instructions can be found on the Pruvan Support Center, and within a matter of hours, you can have a custom branded mobile solution and Client Portal. Need help or have questions before you get started? Reach out to Pruvan Support.

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