What Is Pruvan | Benefits

Improve Operations with Real Time Field Visibility

Better manage work quality, costs, and crews with Pruvan’s real time field visibility. Using your Pruvan Online account, you can easily manage these variables in the office as crews are dispatched to any number of locations throughout the day. Photos taken at a job site are sent back to Pruvan Online in real time.


Office staff members can easily confirm that jobs and tasks are completed as requested by watching results appear in real time in Pruvan Online. Did a photo of a mowed lawn or cleaned apartment come in blurry? Office staff can simply call the crew member in the field and request a new photo to use as proof of service when shared with the client.

See that a project hasn’t been started yet by the assigned crew and you’re up against a deadline? Reassign the project to a new crew with just the click of a button. You’ll be able to see when the crew views, accepts, and starts this newly assigned project.

The visibility that Pruvan provides into the field saves an incredible amount of time and money by reducing the number of visits to a location and using only the most efficient crews. This real time visibility also ensures jobs are done correctly, ultimately delighting clients by surpassing their expectations, and getting you and your crews paid more and faster.

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