Your Vendors’ First Stop for Support

Supporting an extensive network is another challenge organizations face. Luckily, Pruvan has your business covered by offering first line support.

Cultivating, training, and maintaining a strong customer service team is another difficult task. Not only is it difficult to source commensurate customer service representatives, but then you have to train these trainers on how to use your systems and products! On top of that, customer service teams are an expensive many organizations cannot afford and thus outsource to third-parties that may not be as invested in your vendors’ success as your organization is.

Pruvan offers our clients first line support for their vendors with a team of not only customer service professionals, but technology and product experts. Our Customer Care team takes the time to learn not only your process, but the processes of your vendors to ensure that Pruvan is efficiently integrated and delivering the best experience for both you and your vendors. The Customer Care team also maintains the Pruvan Support Center (PSC) with hundreds of articles other training materials to assist vendors in learning how to best use Pruvan for their business. Learn more by contacting us or clicking the button below.


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