What Is Pruvan | Benefits

Free Cloud Based Storage with Desktop Syncing

Want peace of mind that your work is always safe? Pruvan is proud to offer our customers free and secure cloud storage for all your photos, videos, and mobile forms.


Your Pruvan account includes unlimited free cloud storage for all your certified photos, videos, and mobile forms. Want access to your files while offline? Pruvan has a solution for that too. Your Pruvan account includes a desktop application called the Pruvan Downloader for easy desktop syncing. Set up is simple. Point the Downloader to the preferred storage solution (an external hard drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and sit back an watch as the Downloader automatically organizes all incoming data into the correct folders and sub-folders. Your photos, videos, and mobile forms can be auto-organized by date, project, address, or whatever makes sense for your business.

When a client requests duplicate photos or asks you to resend a Certified Service Record, you’ll be easily able to find the right project and the right photos since all historical data will be organized automatically to your liking.


Who even offers free cloud storage anymore?! Pruvan does. Get started today.

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