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Integration Options from Simple to Sophisticated

If you’re thinking about integrating with Pruvan, most likely you’re wanting Pruvan to help streamline operations, get more work done faster, and get you and your vendors paid quicker.


But you’re probably thinking, how do I get integrated and what are my options? I just want to get going!

One of the benefits of Pruvan is that it’s FREE to integrate with us and we make it easy. It’s actually slightly misleading to talk about integrations since the easiest way to get projects to and from your crews in the field requires no integration at all!

For businesses that want to craft a custom integration with their proprietary business platform, Pruvan also offers a more complex integration option with web services and the open Pruvan API. Regardless of which integration route your business chooses, integrating with Pruvan is always free.

At a high level, the graphic below illustrates how our integration works with our open API communicating with a third party system.


With our integration options you can have a custom branded mobile app that’s an extension of your business in just a day or two, depending on the integration level you choose. Let’s take a look.


Zero Integration

Wouldn’t it be great to simply email a crew member an update to a current project or text a crew a new project as they’re en route to a job site?

With Pruvan’s Zero Integration, that’s now possible. Pruvan has crafted a way to send new or updated projects encoded within a Hot Link. Simply text or email this Hot Link to a crew and if the link is opened on a mobile device, the project will automatically launch in Pruvan Mobile. Hot Links enable businesses to experience the feel of an expensive and professionally built integration, but without the cost of an IT department. Zero Integration is free to set up and you can be up and running in a matter of hours.


Web Services and the Pruvan API

Are you a Developer or IT professional? Keep reading.

Pruvan also offers an integration option that employs web services to facilitate communication between Pruvan and your company’s back-end work order management system.  We realize this can seem daunting and possibly expensive, but Pruvan assuages these concerns by providing three web service endpoints for you to integrate into your system. If you’re a developer or IT professional and would like to learn more about this integration option, read more about the Pruvan API here.

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