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Pruvan offers unparallelled expertise when it comes to rolling out new processes and platforms to vendor networks. We have the tools you need for a seamless transition.

Vendor management can be incredibly challenging. Many vendors have their own internal processes that happen to conflict with how your business needs to collect data and field results, and forcing vendors to adopt new platforms and processes rarely goes over well. Your best vendors often leave and you’re left with starting all over with vendor recruitment efforts.

With Pruvan, this painful cycle stops once and for all. With our Open API, you’re able to intelligently integrate not only with your clients’ systems, but also with your vendors’. They can maintain their current processes and platforms and deliver your organization the results you need while meeting all your requirements.

Pruvan also offers extensive training for those vendors who want to adopt Pruvan Mobile and the Online Portal into their workflow. Not only do we create custom training materials to specifically speak to your organization’s unique process, but the Pruvan Customer Care team takes on the incredibly responsibility of training your vendors with live webinars, scorecards, videos, and other material PLUS our Customer Care team is available for any and all questions and concerns from your vendors. We have a Best Practices process for onboarding hundreds of vendors that had proven successful time and again. With Pruvan trainings, we reduce confusion, elevate the experience, and increase vendor satisfaction. Learn more or request a free demo when you click the button below!

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