Greetings Brookstone Vendors!

Brookstone vendors NEW to Pruvan: In just FOUR steps, you’ll be up and running with work orders from Brookstone in your new Pruvan Account. Follow the steps below to get started today!


Brookstone vendors with EXISTING Pruvan Accounts: Please contact your Brookstone Vendor Manager to get your Brookstone work orders in your account. They’ll set up the integration on your behalf.

Step One: Check Your Email

The first step is easy. Check your email! You should have received an email from Brookstone which will contain your very own Pruvan username and temporary password. Once you have this email, proceed to Step 2.

If you do not have an email from Brookstone with your Pruvan login information, please contact Brookstone Vendor Management before you proceed to Step 2.

Step Two: Choose The Pricing Plan That Fits Your Business Needs

New Pruvan Users: Now that you have a Pruvan username and password, set up a Pruvan subscription! You will need a subscription with active devices to get your Brookstone work orders from your phone back to Brookstone.

At Pruvan, we offer a Usage Based Plan and a Device Based Plan. Please visit our pricing page to learn more about these two plans and choose the one that best serves your business needs.

 Once you’ve determined the pricing plan best for you and your business, go to the“Subscriptions” page under the “Account” tab on your account and select the plan of your choice.

Step Three: Download Pruvan Mobile and the Pruvan Downloader

Now it’s time to get Pruvan on your phone and PC!

On a full screen PC browser, log in to your new Pruvan account and click on the “Features” tab. You will be given instructions to download BOTH the free app for both Apple and Android devices AND the Pruvan Downloader, a desktop application that stores and organizes all your photos on your home and/or work computer.

You can also go to the App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android device and download Pruvan.

Learn about how you can use Pruvan Mobile to replace your point/shoot camera!

Instructions for installing Pruvan Mobile can be found on the Pruvan Support Center.

Instructions for installing the Pruvan Downloader can be found on the Pruvan Support Center.

Step Four: Get Trained and Get Going!

Now that you have a subscription in your Pruvan Online account and Pruvan Mobile on your phone, you’re now able to complete Brookstone work orders right from your mobile device!

However, becoming familiar with Pruvan can take a day or two. Brookstone is providing in-house training that will help you understand how to best use Pruvan for your Brookstone work orders.  These trainings are offered at several times throughout the week. Contact your Brookstone Vendor Manager for more information.

You can also get trained on Pruvan through our training webinars that are held regularly at 3PM CST on Wednesdays and Fridays. You can either sign up for our live webinars at those times or watch our on-demand webinar at any time. Go to to watch.

See common FAQ’s for Brookstone by following this link -> Brookstone FAQ -> Pruvan Support Center

Now that you’re all set up you can start taking photos! If you need any assistance, read our quick start guides below or contact us anytime.

Pruvan Mobile Quick Start Guide

Pruvan Downloader Quick Start Guide

Pruvan Online Quick Start Guide

Brookstone FAQ -> Pruvan Support Center