Building a Mobile App is Easy…

For most developers, building a mobile app is easy. Building a native mobile app for a service business that performs seamlessly on both Android and iOS, that supports the instantaneous transfer of native photo, video, and mobile form data, that functions beautifully on thousands of mobile devices and tablets, that has additional features such as custom branding, invoicing, and a client interface… Not as easy.

But that’s where Pruvan comes in. Developers, use your time and talent to simply integrate with Pruvan. Pruvan is the leading mobile app and software solution for many different types of service businesses: property preservation and inspections, private lendinggeneral contracting and construction, landscaping and lawn care, cleaning services, property management, hvac services and many more. Create and manage projects, track your crews, invoice clients and contractors, and get certified photos, videos, and mobile forms from the field in real time. Impress your business partners and clients with the speed in which you deliver a custom branded mobile app and the cost of integrating to a world-class, next-generation mobile app. (Hint: there is no cost. It’s free to integrate with Pruvan.)

Take a look at our open API and view our requirements. The Pruvan Development team has built a truly stellar API that is not only simple to implement, but sends native photos, video, and mobile forms from the field to the office instantly. You can leverage Pruvan’s mobile expertise to save yourself and your service business time and money and mobilize your business with a custom app in a matter of days, not months.

Better still? While providing a solution for your service business, Pruvan can make you money! Read more below on how spreading the word about Pruvan can make you some easy cash through our affiliate program.

So, read our API Documentation and integrate with Pruvan and take your business mobile today. Questions? Reach out to our Business Development team.

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