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Pruvan Trust Seal

An essential element of the Pruvan Certified Service Record is the Pruvan Trust Seal. This interactive, scannable seal instantly verifies the validity of the photos, videos, and mobile forms from a corresponding project with that specific Certified Service Record (CSR).

To view whether photos taken at a job site are certified, simply click on the Trust Seal next to the Project Name in the Client Portal, see below.

Once you click, you’ll be transported to the Pruvan Certified Service Record. You can learn more about the different elements of the Pruvan CSR on our Certified Results page, but if you look at letter (D), you’ll see that the Pruvan Trust Seal validates each and every photo taken in the project.

Now, just because a photo is not certified does not mean that the location or time is false, it just means that we can’t verify their accuracy which could be something as simple as terrible cell service coverage in the service area. It does not imply intentional deception or malicious intent. It serves to make you and your client aware that you might want to double check these photos to confirm their validity.

In the CSR, the Trust Seal confirms time and location certification in two separate columns so you know exactly what factor contributed to a photo not being certified by Pruvan.

The last column on the CSR totals the number of photos that are certified against the total number of photos for each the task in the project. This once again lets you know exactly what photos were not certified and why.

The Pruvan Trust Seal is another feature Pruvan provides to help your business win new clients and save you money by evaluating all photos, videos, and mobile forms that are captured with Pruvan Mobile. Want to learn more about our Trust Seal and our Certified Service Records? Contact us today. We’ll help you get certified results in no time.

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