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Pruvan Client Portal

The Pruvan Client Portal is a beautiful and professional platform that makes it easy to share your work with your clients. With the Client Portal, demonstrating that work was done right and completed on time is simple. On a single screen, your client will be able to view all of the photos taken for each assigned task, videos, and survey results.

If a background check was required, the client can see the number of check-ins along with the photo and badge number of the crew member performing the service. Clients can also jump from the Client Portal to the Certified Service Record (CSR) if the job has been marked as complete by clicking the Pruvan Trust Seal to confirm how many photos have been certified by Pruvan.

Projects are shared with clients through a unique and securely generated URL and then emailed directly to the client. Clients then in turn can use the Share feature to invite colleagues or supervisors to view the Client Portal as well.

If a client wants to see results coming in from the field instantly, you can’t get more instant than this: using the Watch feature in the Client Portal, you can give you clients the option to actually view work being completed in real time. The client can then provide feedback directly in the Client Portal in the Comments box.

Receiving instantaneous feedback from the client will almost guarantee a job done perfectly in one go, saving you time and money while simultaneously delighting your client.

Even better, the Client Portal can be branded with your company name and logo, providing an extension of your business that seamlessly mimics the look and feel of your brand. Our free custom branding makes it easy to differentiate your business from the rest of the competition in your industry for a fraction of the cost it would be to build your own client portal from scratch.

Integrated electronic invoicing is now available with Pruvan’s partnership with FreshBooks and it appears right on the Client Portal so your client can pay you with just the click of a button. And because they’ll be so thrilled with the job being job right and on time, more likely than not, you’ll be paid ahead of schedule.

More information about the Client Portal can be found on the Pruvan Support Center. Interested in having a Client Portal without all the high costs? Contact Pruvan and use our expertise to deliver results that will delight your clients and differentiate your business from your competitors.

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