The Pruvan Customer Care Team

The Pruvan Customer Care team might be our most valuable secret weapon. Their technical expertise and top notch customer service skills support not only field vendors but in-house teams as well.

Offering first line support and custom onboarding and training packages would not be possible without our incredible Customer Care team. Made up of seasoned technology professionals, the Customer Care team truly believes in delivering the best experience for field personnel and internal teams alike. Sourcing support teams is incredibly challenging and many organizations end up resorting to outsourced third-party support platforms. While these platforms may be more cost efficient than an in-house team, you simply won’t get the same level of expertise or dedication.

Our Customer Care team takes every issue seriously and never passes the buck. When you integrate with Pruvan, our Customer Care team works with your organization to maintain open lines of communication so issues are resolved as quickly as possible regardless of the issue’s source.

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