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Send Projects via Text or Email with Hot Links

Hot Links are now the newest and easiest way to send a Pruvan work order to a crew without an integration.

These Hot Links are pre-configured work orders can be sent via email, text, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or any other system that allows a person to receive and open a link to the web.

A Hot Link is simply a special URL that when clicked, launches a project in Pruvan Mobile and auto-populates all the essential field with the information, tasks, and notes needed to complete the project. These Hot Links can be used to send a new project or update an existing project in a Pruvan user’s account. It’s the easiest way to send work orders out to crews on the go without having to worry about an integration.


Clicking a hot link automatically launches a project into the app!

Simply being able to text a project to a contractor? With all the details in a single link? An amazing time saver to get more work done faster.

Read up on how you can start sending Hot Links using your Pruvan Online account or if you have questions, connect with Pruvan Support.

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