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The Many Features of the Pruvan Online Portal

The Pruvan Online Portal has extensive project management tools allowing you to effectively manage all your projects and vendors with minimal staff resulting in increased productivity and operational efficiency.

The Online Portal has a slew of tools and features that allow businesses to gain real time visibility into the field, maintain compliance with vendor oversight tools, and manage all your projects and field data in a single location.

On the Photos tab, you’ll see results from a job appear in real time, so if you need to provide feedback to a vendor or if a vendor submits a bid to perform additional work, you can authorize that request or contact the the crew while they’re still at the property. Pruvan also gives you the flexibility to fix errors after the fact. Was data collected on the wrong project? Not a problem since data labels and evidence types can be adjusted after the fact. Our easy account management tools streamline operations by reducing headaches from small errors and getting you back to your major tasks.

The Projects tab has a suite of project management tools all to its own. Keep track of projects and vendors with Field Status updates that let you know if a crew has started, viewed, completed, or declined a project. Need to update a project with an additional task and push it to your crew? That’s easily done in the Online Portal.


There’s so much that can be done on the Projects tab. You can assign or unassign work orders to different vendors and crews. You can QA projects before publishing them to your clients. You can generate an invoice with just the click of a button using Pruvan’s built-in options for electronic invoicing and payments through FreshBooks. Pruvan’s partnership with FreshBooks is an easy and simple invoicing solution that allows clients to pay you with just one click and easily pays your crews on time without any hassle.

All of these management tools are just on TWO of the tabs in the Pruvan Online Portal. Our Portal also empowers you to integrate directly with your vendors’ backend systems for the seamless transfer of work orders and field data. Our ability to intelligently integrate across multiple platforms increases vendor adoption while reducing the hassle. The Reports tab delivers advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to manage vendor compliance and measure results for maximum efficiency. Don’t forget about our Workflow Builder and additional account management options including Custom Branding.

As you can see, your Pruvan Online Portal is jam-packed with tools and features that will help streamline your operations, maintain vendor compliance, and manage projects. Continue reading about our extensive features and benefits or contact us to learn more.


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