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Streamlined Vendor Oversight

Vendor management and oversight has always been a challenge for organizations. Depending on the industry, this challenge can be further complicated by industry-specific regulations or requirements.

From background checks to onboarding expertise, Pruvan has the solutions your organization has been looking for.

First, Pruvan has proven expertise in onboarding large vendor networks. You can read about it here in our Named Integration Guidebook. Our Business Development, Development, Marketing, and Customer Care teams work with your organization to develop a strategy to seamlessly implement new technology and onboard your workforce with little delay or disruption. We develop custom training materials based on your organization’s needs and can work with your existing software to intelligently integrate Pruvan’s features and services. The Pruvan team also works with your organization every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.

Second, Pruvan has tools to manage your workforce. We have reports that can track vendor statistics like project completion, project status, and assigned projects. You can also create your own reports to scorecard vendors to ensure you’re receiving quality work and field data. Our Online Portal is easy for Vendor Managers to use to make sure that projects are being completed correctly and on time.

Third, the demand for background checks on vendors has increased over the years and Pruvan has several ways to ensure your organization is maintaining compliance. Pruvan has the ability to integrate with other third party software companies that collect background check information, and seamlessly send your check-in information to your client and/or another third party with just the click of a button. Pruvan also has been working directly with background check company LaborChex to provide a cost efficient solution to organizations that need to meet this requirement.

For those businesses in industries that aren’t held to certain vendor oversight initiatives, background checks can still be an asset to your organization. Clients will appreciate that vendors working at their homes and businesses are pre-screened and background checking your vendors can prevent liability issues in the future. Implementing a background check requirement on a project is a simple on/off option and is easy to implement. Have questions about background checks for vendors? Need better vendor oversight tools? Reach out!


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