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Build Custom Workflows for Your Business

Pruvan empowers you to create custom workflows that meet the needs of your business.

Pruvan has a powerful Workflow Builder which allows you to create custom workflows that meet the needs of your business. Never receive incomplete field data again when you generate a workflow survey that uses skip-logic technology to ensure you receive the exact data you need. The Workflow Builder can be deployed across various channels including iOS and Android mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Photos and videos can be captured using Pruvan Mobile or vendors can complete surveys in the Online Portal and manually upload field data depending on their particular business processes.

Workflow results are included on the Pruvan Certified Service Record, but if there are certain industry forms that need to be completed on a regular basis, Pruvan can work with you to configure your reports to auto-populate into printable PDF formats. Normally a lengthy process with a clipboard and a pencil, these forms are completed in no time; just another way Pruvan saves organizations time and money.

Our Workflow Builder can be found in the Pruvan Online Portal. It is incredibly dynamic and fully customizable while being easy to use. Instructions can be found here but if you need help getting started, Pruvan Customer Care is here to help.

The Pruvan Workflow Builder gives you a blank slate to create every and any question you may need to populate any given number of forms.

To get started, you add a question, indicate if the question is required and what types of data should be collected with that question (photos, etc), and finally, using the aforementioned skip-logic technology, indicate what result a given answer should trigger. Example: “If yes, then stop.” or “If no, take a photo.” It’s that easy. Once you’ve finished building your custom workflow, you can save it in your Pruvan Online Portal and assign it as a task to any number of projects.

This is a Property Condition Report (PCR) created in the Pruvan Workflow Builder that has been uploaded to a mobile device.


Move from one question to the next simply by scrolling. Survey results are saved as you go, so you can start or stop completing the survey as many times as needed.


The Workflow Builder allows for conditional logic so that certain questions only appear if a particular result is given. The Workflow Builder also can require that a certain number of photos be taken and each question has a notes field for additional information.


Once you’ve gone through the survey, you can view the entire survey so you’re reminded of the questions you have yet to complete (in red). Once all questions are answered, click the green Submit button to send results back to the office instantly.


If you need help getting started with creating your own mobile form, sign up for a custom training webinar where one of our Customer Care team members will walk you through the process.

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