Pruvan for Cleaning Services

Perfect for both residential and commercial cleaning service businesses, delight clients with certified results proving a job well done.

Whether your a foreclosure trash out business, commercial cleaning company, or a local residential maid service, clients will be blown away by Pruvan’s Client Portal which can be custom branded for your business.

Allow your clients to watch their home or business be cleaned up in real time as certified photos and videos appear in the Client Portal. Certified photos prove that jobs are completed correctly and on time, and delighted clients can then pay you directly from the Client Portal with just one click with our integrated invoicing options.

With our professional and state of the art Client Portal, you’ll stand out from the competition, win new clients and grow your business.

Have dozens of cleaning crews on the go? Track their progress with our advanced reporting capabilities and manage their projects as needed in your Pruvan Online account. Need to sent out a last minute update to a project? Simply text a Hot Link to the cleaning crew and the project in Pruvan Mobile will automatically update when the URL is clicked. Get more work done faster with Pruvan, and you’ll get paid quicker.

Want to delight your clients with a new custom branded Client Portal that gets you paid more and faster?

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