Pruvan for Lawn Care and Landscaping

Pruvan is a great option for both residential and commercial lawn care and landscaping businesses. Manage all of your jobs and your crews in the field in real time and deliver certified results through the Client Portal.

We could tell you about the benefits of using Pruvan for your lawn care and landscaping business, but let’s hear from a client who has used Pruvan to deliver certified results, reduce costs, and win new business.

Houston Lawn and Maid


Houston Lawn and Maid services many commercial clients in the Houston area. Our focus this year is growing our portfolio of property management companies, rental owners, and investment firms. One of the challenges that these companies have is ensuring that work done on their many properties is done correctly and on time.

Houston Lawn & Maid takes photos of a property before and during a job... Houston Lawn & Maid takes photos of a property before and during a job…

… and after to prove that the work has been completed as promised. and after to prove that the work has been completed as promised.

We partnered with Pruvan to provide certified, third party proof that jobs in the field are done as requested. This benefit has been an invaluable tool for our account managers. Pruvan’s certified results gives them the extra edge above competing companies when submitting proposals to prospective clients.

The Pruvan CSRs in particular have tremendous value. One of our largest clients commented, “I print out the report you send me and attach it to the invoices that we send to our property owners. There has not been a single question about whether the service was done!”

In addition, we have been able to reduce our operating costs. We recently negotiated reduced rates with our credit card processing company because we were able to provide certified, third party proof of service.

We will continue to grow and Pruvan will be right there with us!


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Not only did Pruvan’s Certified Service Record win Houston Lawn and Maid new business, but our certified results helped them reduce their overhead costs and even reduced their credit card processing fees! Houston Lawn and Maid also uses their Pruvan Online account to keep track of all of the projects and crews in the field. Companies like theirs can adopt additional features like custom branding and invoicing to continue to set themselves apart from the competition.


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