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Pruvan Private Lending App

Manage Hard Money loans for house flippers and REO properties all in one spot and get real time photos from the field.

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As a lending professional, we know you’re managing many hard money loans for multiple projects at any given moment. While your borrowers need a regular release of funds to stay on schedule, you need to ensure your money is used appropriately.

How can you release additional funds to a borrower if you’re not sure of the progress of a rehab or new construction?

The Pruvan Mobile Private Lending App makes it easy for you to manage your hard money loans with direct visibility into the field. Watch the progess of your house flippers and rehab contractors in real time and have confidence that your funds are being used as intended and projects are being done right and on time.

Build trust with not only your borrowers but with their recommended contractors as well. We know you’re always looking for talented contractors and inspectors; with Pruvan, you’ll be able to inspect the quality of their work and perhaps connect with them again on future projects.

Whether your loans are for homes with past tax liens, new construction, a gut renovation, or anything in between, Pruvan has you covered with a real time connection to the field with certified results.

With the Pruvan Mobile Private Lending App you can:

  • Manage your loans and track the progress of your borrowers’ projects using Pruvan Online and our advanced reporting capabilities. Photos are sent from the field in real time so you can assess if a borrower has met the required progress to release additional funds.
  • Easily update projects or alert inspectors or work crews with a simple text message.
  • Auto-organize all this data with the Pruvan Downloader. The Downloader allows you to choose how you want your field data organized (by Loan Number, Address, Date, etc) and then points Pruvan to save the data automatically to the backend system of your choosing (physical hard drive, Google Drive, Dropbox). Save countless hours of time and have the freedom to access this data anywhere.

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Pruvan allows us to send photos directly to our office staff from the field. Work is submitted immediately from the field and the photos include geo coding which most clients are now requiring. We have used other photo apps however this one is the most user friendly and most reliable.