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Step One: Get Mobile

Create a new account here and use the links on the landing page to install the Pruvan Mobile app on your Apple iPhone or Android device.





Login to Pruvan Mobile on your phone with your new Pruvan username and start taking pictures on the Sample Project pre-loaded into your account. Here’s the Pruvan Mobile Quick Start Guide to help you get started.




Want to see these photos from the Sample Project appear in your account in real time? Click on the Photos tab in your Pruvan Online account to see your work.



Next up? Let’s create a project.

Step Two: Get Work

It’s easy to get work (projects) on your phone with Pruvan. There are several ways to do this; here’s the Pruvan Online Quick Start Guide to help you get started.

But the easiest way is e-mailing or texting a Pruvan Hot Link to your phone.

Let’s try creating a new project in your Pruvan Online account.

Simply email or text the Hot Link below to your phone. Watch as it magically creates a project just by opening the link on a Pruvan Mobile device. Go ahead and complete the tasks as requested in the project!,Round+Rock,Tx/Standard-Mow


Next up? Share your work with your clients to get paid.

Step Three: Get Paid

Get paid more and faster by delighting your clients with your certified results!

Once you take a couple pictures on the project you created with the Hot Link, hit the green Publish button in the Pruvan Mobile app and watch these results appear in your Pruvan Online account by clicking on the Photos tab.

To share and view the project in the Client Portal, click the Projects tab and click the right arrow icon arrow in the Actions column.



Email or copy and paste the generated link to see your certified results appear in the Client Portal.

client portal with invoice button


Clients will be delighted to see professional results so quickly, ensuring you and your crews get paid ahead of schedule.


Ready for more? Let’s look at additional features.

Additional Features

Now that you have the basics of Pruvan down, make our mobile app an extension of your business with our extra features.

Visit the Features tab in your new Pruvan Online account for instructions on how to set up each of these features.

It’s always a great idea to get trained. That way you’re getting the most out of your Pruvan account! Sign up for a training webinar or watch it on demand anytime. It’s a mere 45 minutes of your time and it’ll help you be a Pruvan pro in no time.

Interested in a paid subscription? View our pricing page then the Subscriptions page under the Account tab in your Pruvan Online account to choose the number of devices that are right for your business.


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