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Pruvan Technology

Our Pruvan technology provides a next-generation solution for any service business that wants mobile capabilities and certified photos, videos, and mobile forms.

Pruvan’s technology makes it possible for organizations of any size to integrate a mobile solution into your business. By connecting you to the field and to your clients with certified photos, videos, and mobile forms, Pruvan adds value by streamlining project and field management, reducing errors and costs, and delighting clients.Simply put, mobilizing your business with Pruvan gets your work done faster and gets you paid quicker.

In addition to our extensive features and benefits, Pruvan’s technology sets Pruvan apart from its competition in five important ways:


Pruvan is Speedy

Photos, videos, and mobile forms are transferred in real time from your Pruvan Mobile devices in the field to your Pruvan Online account over a wireless network or WiFi connection.

You can view work being completed at multiple job sites in real time to better manage your crews in the field. See a job that’s not up to your client’s standards? Call the crew while they’re still on location to eliminate the need for a costly second trip.

You can also give your client access to watch work being completed in the field and provide feedback in real time via the Client Portal; another solution for ensuring a job is completed correctly the first time. Clients can also pay for services with just one click with our integrated invoicing options, getting you paid quicker than ever before. Pruvan speediness gets more work done faster and done correctly all while getting you paid more and faster.


The Set Up is Simple

Mobilizing your business couldn’t be any easier. Once your field crew members download Pruvan Mobile (compatible devices can be found here) you’re all set to start receiving certified photos, videos, and mobile forms from the field in real time in your Pruvan Online account. Need help training your staff? Pruvan provides an on-demand webinar and can offer training programs to get both field crews and office staff up and running in no time.


Security is Pruvan’s Top Priority

Our technology that certifies your photos, videos, and mobile forms is some of the most advanced in the industry. Not only are photos automatically stamped with date, time, and GPS location data, but Pruvan has a tamper proof system to validate field data captured yesterday, to over five years ago.

But why do certified results matter? Why is a certified photo of a completed job important?


Because timely service and results you can trust are powerful deciding factors for clients looking to build lasting relationships with their service providers.

In this age of infinite choices brought to you by the internet, clients are inundated with options when seeking out a service business. A deciding factor for many people is the integrity of a business. Is the job going to be completed as promised? Will the service cost close to the initial estimate? Can the crews be trusted in a home or business by themselves? By guaranteeing a job well done that’s verified with photographic evidence by an independent third-party (with the ability to watch the service performed in real time!) you’re assuaging many of the top fears clients have when hiring a new service business. Stand out from the competition in your industry by establishing your professionalism and integrity with third-party certified results that cannot be manipulated or edited.

Additionally, all client account information and data on the Pruvan Cloud are hosted by Amazon Web Services, the most secure cloud hosting platforms in the world. Pruvan also values the privacy of our clients. No personal information is ever given out, nor do we monitor accounts. Know that your data and personal information is safe and secure 24/7, 365 days a year.


Pruvan can Synchronize with Any System

It is incredibly easy to integrate with Pruvan to mobilize your business. With our Zero Integration option, you can start sending out work orders using Pruvan within a day – no web services or IT department required! Then take your integration with Pruvan to the next level with custom branding. Customize Pruvan Mobile and your Client Portal with your company logo and your Pruvan Online account with your company logo and color scheme. Pruvan truly wants our mobile platform to be an extension of your business, so customizing our solution to match your brand is a benefit we happily provide for free.

Does your business have an IT team that’s itching for a more complex integration? Pruvan does provide a web services integration option with our open Pruvan API.


Your Work is Shareable

Pruvan empowers users to delight clients by making it easy to share their work. You can enable the Client Portal to let clients watch jobs be completed in real time with certified photos, videos, and mobile form results appearing in the Client Portal instantly. Clients can provide feedback, also in real time, so that the job is completely quickly and to the satisfaction of the client.

Pruvan’s Certified Service Record (CSR) is a shareable report that verifies that a job was completed at the right location and on time.

Share these reports with potential clients to win new business or with credit card processing companies to reduce your fees. Either way, shareable work gets your business paid more and paid faster.


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