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How Does Pruvan Work?

Q) Where do my photos go?

A) Once field photos are taken using Pruvan Mobile, they are immediately transferred to your Pruvan Online account. However, it is important that the device is properly connected to the Internet via data plan or WiFi for the transfer to complete smoothly. The photos are also stored on the mobile device as a backup. For example, in case a device is unable to upload photos to your Pruvan Online account due to technical issue or lack of cell service, you can wait for WiFi or download the photos off the device in the office. For information on how to upload photos manually, click here.

Q) Will I be able to view my photos only online?  How do I get my photos?

A) Once photos are taken using Pruvan Mobile, they automatically appear in your Pruvan Online account, conveniently accessible on any web browser. Another option is to set up Pruvan Dowloader which is a tool that download your Pruvan photos from the Pruvan Servers. You can also setup the Pruvan Downloader to automatically organize and archive your photos to your office computer or cloud drive. The photos will download to a specified save location and will be organized in the sub-folders of your choice. Photos are not saved to the Downloader, but just transferred through to your chosen location.

Q) How do my Field Crews get projects and tasks on their phone?

A) Projects and tasks are assigned to your staff through your Pruvan Online account. Using Pruvan Mobile, they can access the projects on their device. Crews can also create a Project directly on their devices by hitting the plus (+) button in Pruvan Mobile which will create a Project. Photos and surveys on these projects will also appear in Pruvan Online.

Q) Are Projects assigned to everyone or can I make them private to each of my Field Staff?

A) You can customize who you want Projects to be assigned to. Projects can be assigned to everyone, a group username, or an individual user name. The username(s) are set up using your Pruvan Online account.

Q) How many of my office staff can log-in to the website to view photos?

A) There is no limit to the number of users you can create. You can also restrict user’s actions on Pruvan Mobile once they log in by assigning them a “Role.”

Q) How many complete archives (copies) of my photos can I download?

A) Pruvan Dowloader can be used to archive 2 complete copies of each day’s photos. However, it is important that Pruvan Downloader is running on 2 master account computer systems for you to be able to archive more than one complete copy of your photos. For example, having Pruvan Downloader at home and office computer will enable the user to archive 2 copies of their photos taken for the day.

Why Do I Need Pruvan? What am I Buying?

Q) What is Pruvan selling?

A) Pruvan provides online business photo management by replacing point and shoot cameras with mobile devices. This enables us to provide a seamless and secure relay of photos and other data from jobsite to the office or client. You can organize photos by Projects, tasks, and addresses which are GPS and time/date certified to avoid any issues concerning tamper proofing. We believe that “The job’s not done till it’s Pruvan.”

Q) Does Pruvan focus on business photos only?

A) Pruvan focuses mostly on business photos as they are needed to be associated with a project, task, an address, location, or a job-site. We add and can also customize “context” needed to answer the questions of who, what, when, where, and for whom was this photo taken. While we mostly focus on business photos, our users have Pruvan Mobile for social or family projects as well! For example, if you are running low on storage on your device but still want to capture precious moments, then you can take pictures on Pruvan Mobile as it saves the pictures in the Pruvan Online account, avoiding the use of storage on your device because you can delete photos as they upload so you don’t need as much space on your phone. Pruvan certifies the resulting photo, GPS location, time and date as tamperproof and provides a Pruvan Certified Service Record with a map showing the location of all photos taken for the project or task.

Q) Is Pruvan like Facebook or Instagram?

A) No, Facebook and Instagram do allow you take photos, but they are typically not for individuals who are taking hundreds of photos for work assignments and getting paid to do the job.

Q) How is this different from iCloud or Drop-Box or other photo sharing sites?

A) Although these file/photo sharing services allow you to share any file, including Pruvan photos; however, they do not make it easy to assign work, capture field photos, and organize your business photos for sharing. Pruvan enables you to assign Projects and Tasks to your field crews, allowing work to get done faster and more efficiently, while keeping track of performance. Moreover, Pruvan provides more clarity for field crews on their Project(s) or Task(s) by walking them through step by step instructions. Once a task or project is completed, you can see the photos in your Pruvan Online account confirming successful completion of work assigned.

How Does Pruvan's Pricing Work?

Q) Is there a free trial?

A) Yes! There is a free version of Pruvan available which allows you to use basic Pruvan features such as taking photos, uploading orders, and completing background check-ins. To learn more about the features included in a free account, visit our Pricing Page.

Q) Payment options available at Pruvan?

A) Pruvan offers two payment plans to choose from. There is the Pruvan Device Plan which charges a certain amount per device. Starting at $25/device/month, you can enable or disable devices in your Pruvan Online account at any time. Another payment plan is the Pruvan Usage Plan which charges $1 per project. Both plans include access to all Pruvan features. For more information, visit our Pruvan Pricing

Q) What do you charge per device?

A) Pruvan Device Plan charges $25 per device, per month. You receive a 20% discount for a monthly total of $100 per month when purchasing 5 or more devices. You get a 40% discount for a total of $375 per month when purchasing more than 25 devices. You can manage the number of devices on your account at any time and the system will charge your accordingly. The account is pre-paid monthly at a pre-set per device rate. Pruvan Usage Plan charges $1 per project and the account balance is due at the end of each month. Cost is $1 per project, per work week (Monday through Sunday). For more information, visit our Pruvan Pricing

Q) Can I cancel online?

A) Yes, you can cancel your Pruvan subscription online at any time. You can also manage all your devices on your Pruvan Online account and choose to upgrade or downgrade the number of devices as needed.

Q) Is there a long-term contract?

A) There is no long-term contract so you can cancel your Pruvan device subscriptions anytime online.

Pruvan's Recommended Best Practices for Photo Management

Q) I would like to learn how others manage their business photos using Pruvan.

A) Pruvan offers weekly webinars so you can learn how our customers use our products and services. We offer separate webinars for new customers and existing customers to help them better understand Pruvan’s features. You can sign up for a Pruvan Webinar and share with us what would you like to learn. These informative webinars provide an efficient way to learn about Pruvan’s features and how to fully take advantage of Pruvan’s products and services that are best for your business

Q) How do others share their Pruvan photos with their clients?

A) There are several ways to share Pruvan photos. One way is to download all photos from a Project into an organized ZIP file from your Pruvan Online account. This ZIP file compresses all your photos in a single file, organized in folders and ready to be attached to email sent to a client.

As we discussed before, Pruvan also offers the Pruvan Downloader, a PC based application that automatically sweeps your online account every 1-30 minutes to archive and download your unzipped photos to your computer system(s).  You can set up the Downloader to save your photos in specific files and folders to fit your business needs.

Want to share address folders with your client so every time you visit the address, their photos are automatically available online? You can point the Pruvan Downloader to popular folder sharing tools on the Internet like Drop-Box, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud which allows you to grant access to your photo folders any way you wish.

The easiest way to share work with a client is the Pruvan Client Portal. With the Client Portal, demonstrating that work was done right and completed on time is simple. On a single screen, your client will be able to view all of the photos taken for each assigned task, videos, and survey results. For more information, visit Pruvan Client Portal page.

Q) What are the best practices Pruvan recommend so we never lose a photo?

A) Pruvan understands how important your photos are, especially for those whose businesses rely on photos to get paid. With Pruvan, your photos are much safer than on a point and shoot camera and we work hard to make sure your photos are never lost. We allow you to archive/store your photos on your mobile device so at the very least you are as set as using a point and shoot camera. We can also automatically upload photos to your online account depending on your mobile device settings. To avoid losing your data if the device is lost, damaged, or stolen, we encourage you to have a data plan and let photos transfer all day. Our software compresses the photo files so that transfers are not a drain on your data plan. In addition, we alert you on the device if the photos haven’t transferred and are to remind the user to connect the device to WiFi to transfer photos to your account as soon as possible.

What Internal Costs Will I Incur Using Pruvan?

Q) How will I train my Field Crews to take photos using Pruvan? What new tasks will they have? What tasks will be eliminated?

A) Pruvan is designed to be simple and easy to use so anyone can learn to take photos and complete surveys in the field without any difficulties. Most of the field crew learn quickly without much training, and new tasks can be learned in about a day. All it requires is 1) Download the Free Mobile App, 2) Log in, 3) Take Photos. Using Pruvan will eliminate the hassle of waiting until cameras are back in the office to view photos from the field. For other information, you can attend a webinar and read through our Quick Start Guides on the Pruvan Support Center.

Q) How will I train my office staff? What new tasks will they have? What tasks will be eliminated?

A) Pruvan offers weekly webinars to train a “subject matter expert” on your staff. Optional new tasks include entering Projects (import available) and assigning work to field crews. These tasks speed up the delivery of work orders to your field crews which allows them to get more work done faster and with better instruction. Crews can also create a Project on an activated mobile device which allows for greater flexibility in the field. Photo management tasks can be completed using the Pruvan Downloader or by viewing each Project in your Pruvan online account and downloading a ZIP file. For other information, you can attend a webinar and read through our Quick Start Guides on the Pruvan Support Center.

Q) What will my device costs be compared to what I spend today on point and shoot cameras?

A) Most field crew members purchase at least 1 $200+ point and shoot camera a year if they take photos every day. Field crews may already have devices that are compatible with Pruvan Mobile (Iphones, Samsung, Mobile Devices, find a full list here), reducing this cost to $0. If you need to purchase a mobile device, you can typically buy a new device with a cellular data plan for less than $200 including monthly fees. You can also purchase an off-contract mobile device for under $200 with no monthly contract required.

However: Pruvan Mobile does NOT need a cellular data plan to work.  The mobile device can also connect to a WiFi network to receive work instructions and transfer photos.  If there is no or limited WiFi at a job site, photos and surveys will queue on the device aka “pending upload”, and will be sent once a WiFi connection is reestablished. While not required, as a best practice, Pruvan recommends a cellular data plan to allow photos to transfer while the Field Crew is still at the job-site.

Q) Won’t my cell phone bill increase dramatically if I send photos over my cellular data network?

A) Pruvan sizes and compresses photos to minimize cell data usage. You should be able to transfer at least 10,000+ photos per month, per device for less than $10 in cellular data fees (1 Gigabyte of data). This works out to 10 photos per penny at the popular 640×480 photo resolution setting in Pruvan Mobile.   Most data plans include a minimum of 2 gigabytes of data per month.  For most individuals, $10/month or less is well worth the price and speed at which photos transfer to your Pruvan Online account.  For high resolution photos taken with Pruvan Mobile, you can expect 1,000+ photos per month for less than $10 per month (1 Gigabyte of data).   Please make sure you understand your cellular plan to avoid getting charged more than $10 per Gigabyte.

Q) What about batteries and battery life? What will I be paying for cell phone batteries and accessories?

A) We recommend keeping the highest capacity internal battery, a spare battery pack, and chargers in the vehicle to keep your device charged in the field. To utilized most of Pruvan Mobile features, we recommend leaving on the GPS, WiFi, and all location services which does consume device battery power. You can also get external battery packs and in-vehicle chargers for less than $50 that will keep your device going all day.

Point and Shoot Cameras vs. Mobile Devices

Q) Don’t mobile devices cost much more than a cheap point and shoot camera?

A) No, point and shoot cameras can typically cost at least $200 and extra batteries and accessories adds on to the cost. Whereas many popular devices that run Pruvan Mobile are available for well under $200 and even free with a cellular plan. Pricing for a used off-contract mobile device that works with Pruvan is far less than $200. Moreover, it is more than likely that your field crews already have a mobile device that is compatible with Pruvan Mobile.

Q) How does battery life compare?

A) Battery life is always an issue on any mobile device so it really depends on the device’s battery capacity. There are many devices with high capacity batteries and you can use an external battery pack for your mobile device. Pruvan Mobile does use the device’s GPS, navigation applications, and WiFi which should all be turned on to optimize performance. Usually while using Pruvan Mobile, well trained and equipped field crews can take over 1000+ photos per day without any battery issues.

Q) Zoom and wide angle?

A) Mobile devices currently do not have the feature of taking a wide angle shot like some specialized point and shoot cameras. However, Pruvan’s rapid photo capture capability makes it easy to take multiple shots. Our customers who require a wide angle shot manage to fulfil this requirement using multiple photos. Mobile devices have a digital zoom, unlike the optical moving lens zoom in fancier point and shoot cameras, and this feature is compatible with Pruvan Mobile.

Q) Picture quality?

A) Mobile devices now are equipped with 5+ Megapixel cameras which allows photos to be digitally zoomed and have a great resolution, often with HD quality. Pruvan Mobile allows you to set the desired resolution and photo size within the application’s settings.

Q) Durability?

A) Mobile devices prove to be very durable compared to a point and shoot camera. Individuals who have switched from buying 2-3 cameras a year per field crew to mobile devices to capture photos agreed that using Pruvan Mobile pays for the annual cost of Pruvan alone. Additionally, it’s always a good practice to buy a tough case for your device. You can find a suggested list here.

Q) My field crew email or send me photos online. How does this change with Pruvan?

A) With Pruvan, field crews do not have to worry about spending hours at home on the computer trying to send you photos through email. Pruvan instantly transmits photos and field data from the field to the office before the field crews even leave the job site. The photos and field data arrive organized by date/time stamp and are properly sized to deliver real time results. Pruvan makes it possible to get your photos as soon as they are taken, avoiding to worry about losing days’ worth of work photos.

Q) Will resizing and organizing photos be done automatically using Pruvan?

A) Yes, Pruvan makes sure all photos are properly sized and organized before they are transferred. This enables photos to transfer fast, save data, and get to you without slowing down your field crews.

Q) What about the cost of lost photos? Are my photos safe using Pruvan?

A) With Pruvan Mobile on your device, your photos are much more secure than the point and shoot cameras. Pruvan automatically transfers photos from your mobile device to your secure online account when the device is connected to the internet. This avoids the risk of losing photos. Even if your mobile device gets damaged, lost, or stolen, it is most likely that your photos have already been safely stored on your Pruvan Online account. A lost point and shoot camera is not just a lost camera, but also a lost day of work.

What Devices are Compatable with Pruvan?

Q) What devices are compatable with Pruvan?

A) To learn which devices are compatable with Pruvan, visit our Hardware Devices page. From there you’ll also find information on How to Buy a Device, compatable iOS devices, and compatable Android devices.



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