Hardware Devices

Read about devices compatible with the Pruvan Mobile app.

Pruvan Mobile Device Policy

Pruvan develops software for mobile devices and devices may behave differently depending on configuration, manufacture design, and carrier-specific features. Not all devices work the same or will always be available in the marketplace. While Pruvan does its best to offer a business photo management solution that is compatible for a majority of app subscribers, our mobile app is not designed for use with all devices offered to the market.

What is a “Pruvan Certified Device?”

Pruvan performs in-house testing of Pruvan software on each smartphone that we select for certification. These tests are designed to verify the operation of Pruvan software for the specific device configuration. If the smartphone passes Pruvan’s testing process, the phone may be selected as a Pruvan certified device. If there is a significant issue that can be reproduced with a Pruvan certified device, Pruvan will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a fix for the issue for devices within 12 months of their initial Pruvan certification date. If Pruvan concludes that the device can not be reasonably supported after certification, Pruvan will recommend a work-around and publish the known issue with the device. Pruvan may de-support a device in the unlikely event that a suitable work-around can not be found.

What is a “known to work” or “reported to work” device?

This means our clients have indicated that the software is compatible with a particular device. In this case, Pruvan has not verified the information, and it may change without notice. At this time, Pruvan will only provide support for certified devices.

Device compatibility and conflicts

Due to the rapid development of mobile devices in the marketplace, Pruvan can not test or support all devices. Pruvan cannot foresee future issues with any smartphones or potential issues caused by software updates from the software or hardware manufactures, cellular carriers, or future updates in the Pruvan app.

Not all smartphone devices that Pruvan has tested are guaranteed to operate error-free. It is up to each user to determine for himself if the hardware and software meets his individual requirements, and any recommendations from Pruvan or its partners are provided AS-IS, with all faults. Each user must employ his own methods for backup and recovery plans of data and photos in case the hardware or software fails to perform as expected. Pruvan will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide 2nd line support on all documented reproducible events that any of Pruvan’s trained 1st line help desk analyst communicates to Pruvan.

Pruvan does not typically provide 1st line support to end-users, meaning all requests for support must come from a Pruvan Subject Matter Expert (SME), also known as a Pruvan Support Ninja. Pruvan will provide 2nd line support for certified devices for 12 months from certification date. In the unlikely event that Pruvan de-supports a device and an end-user would like to continue his app subscription, the end-user needs to acquire a Pruvan certified device, or a device known to work with Pruvan software, at his own expense.

Please read all software and hardware providers’ (including Pruvan’s) end-user terms of agreement for more information on requesting 1st line support, as well as information on your responsibilities and cautions using these hardware and software packages. Pruvan continues to improve with input from customers like you. Please provide your feedback on devices you are using with Pruvan software by visiting our contact page.