Advanced Automation with the Pruvan IFTTT Channel

Get More Work Done Faster with Pruvan and IFTTT

Pruvan is excited to announce our new Pruvan IFTTT Channel. Send text alerts or emails upon project completion, generate projects automatically and more!


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For the unfamiliar, IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an easy, yet powerful way to automate your life. Construct recipes with this simple conditional statement to make your life a little bit easier.

Our new Pruvan IFTTT Channel is an exciting new feature that we are proud to offer our users. IFTTT (If This, Then That; pronounced like GIFT without the G) is an incredibly easy and free to use tool that helps streamline and automate tasks in your life to make things a bit easier and a bit more fun!
From entertaining: Use the NASA picture of the day as the wallpaper on my phone.


To serious: Turn off the oven if the smoke alarm goes off.


To just plain helpful: If I’m near my house, turn the AC down to 72 degrees.


IFTTT can create any type of recipe you want or need to make life a little easier and a little more fun.

For Pruvan users, create recipes on IFTTT to help get more work done faster and better manage your properties. Right now we have seven recipes available on the Pruvan IFTTT Channel which you can see below.

Get email or phone alerts when project statues change, save project updates in Google Drive, get an alert if smart home property hits a certain temperature, and there are more to come! To take advantage of this new feature and all the awesome of IFTTT, sign up for an IFTTT account (again, it’s free!) and get started with the Pruvan recipes below today.


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IFTTT Recipe: Create a new project at your current location connects do-button to pruvan

Create a new Project with just the click of an icon!

The “DO Button” will create a new Project in Pruvan with your current location.

IFTTT Recipe: Send a SMS when a Pruvan Project Status changes. connects pruvan to sms

Get real time alerts to your phone!

Receive Project status updates via Text Message (SMS).

IFTTT Recipe: Add Project Status Changes to a Google Drive Spreadsheet connects pruvan to google-drive
Keep track of changes to Project statuses with an automatic export to a Google Drive spreadsheet.
IFTTT Recipe: Automatically create Inspection Projects when a Service Project is completed connects pruvan to pruvan

Perform routine inspections on your properties after a service order?

When a service order is marked complete, an inspection project is automatically created in Pruvan for the same property.

IFTTT Recipe: Call me when a Project Status Changes connects pruvan to phone-call

A little more old school?

Get a phone call when the status of a Project in Pruvan has changed!

IFTTT Recipe: Send an email when a Project's status changes connects pruvan to gmail

Instead of a call or a text, receive an email when a Project status is changed in Pruvan.

IFTTT Recipe: Automatic Smart Home Winterization Projects connects nest-thermostat to pruvan

This one’s a little snazzy:

If the temperature at a property goes above or below a set temp, an HVAC maintenance Project will generate automatically in Pruvan.

Have an idea for a recipe on our Pruvan IFTTT Channel? Create one yourself to share with the IFTTT community or reach out to us with your ideas and suggestions.