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Below are links to downloadable PDFs of Pruvan’s most recent white papers and other industry reports. Contact the media team with any questions.

September 2017

Named Integration Guidebook

This guide explains the process of rolling out a Named Integration to the Pruvan Network. It’s important to set expectations properly with your stakeholders as well as the user community to ensure that the workflow with your Named Integration is smooth and provides the same high-quality experience that users expect from Pruvan.

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April 2014

Tamper Proof: A Proposal for an Industry Proof of Performance Standard for the Property Preservation Industry

This white paper focuses on proposing a new industry standard that specifies how photos can be collected in the field to provide true proof of performance that is Tamper Proof. We introduce the concept of the Tamper Proof ID which can be used to recall the photo and verify its authenticity, years after the photo was taken. We will also define Tamper Proof certification requirements that any solution can be tested against to ensure compliance to the standard.

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Improving Operations through Mobile Best Practices

Adopting a best practices approach for your mobile requirements allows your technical staff to focus on the more strategic aspects of your core application. Pruvan allows organizations to achieve this goal by focusing exclusively on the issues associated with mobile photo and data collection. Pruvan Direct brings with it an advanced feature set and most the rapid time to production in the market which provides the benefit of having your own mobile app without the cost and complexity of maintaining an in-house solution.

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