Apple Devices: Which Are Certified, Popular, and Not Recommended?

Below are the Apple devices that are popular among the community of Pruvan users. Most of these popular devices are used by customers to operate Pruvan Mobile with much success.

Some of these devices have been officially certified by Pruvan.  This means that these devices are tested in-house by the Pruvan Development team.  For the best experience, we recommend Pruvan certified devices, but the popular devices are also excellent choices. As always, please read Pruvan’s device policy and try before you buy.

Certified Devices

Device Release Date
Pruvan Certified?
iPhone 6S September 2015
iPhone 6+ September 2014
iPhone 6 September 2014
iPhone 5S September 2013
iPhone 5 September 2012

Popular Devices

Device Release Date
iPhone 7+ September 2016
iPhone 7 September 2016
iPhone 6S+ September 2015
iPhone 5C September 2013
iPad Mini 4 September 2015
iPad Mini 3 October 2014
iPad Mini 2 November 2013
iPad Mini November 2012
iPad Air 2 October 2014
iPad Air November 2013
iPad 4 / iPad with Retina Display November 2012

Devices NOT Recommended

Device Release Date Problem
iPhone 4 June 2010 Not Supported
Any device on iOS 6.1.6 or earlier Before October 2011 Not Supported

If you are using a “Powered by Pruvan” mobile solution for our enterprise (private label) customers, the iPhone is not currently supported.  You must use a compatible Android device.

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