Too Bad They Can’t Jump Start Spring: Pruvan’s Favorite Portable Jumpers for Car Batteries

For many folks, winter just won’t end! Pruvan’s own Marketing Manager was almost stranded in Boston this weekend when another 3 inches of snow hit the ground.

One of the more common occurrences throughout this extreme winter has been folks unable to get their cars or trucks started. Freezing temps wreck havoc on engines and car batteries because motor oil is thicker which requires more effort on the part of the battery to get the engine going. The last thing anyone needs is to be stranded on a property out in the middle of nowhere.

With that said, the technology gods have blessed us once again because there are now portable jump starters that are small enough to fit in your glove box, yet strong enough to get your vehicle up and running. Pruvan tested two different models this weekend with great results. We’re just a little sad that these handy devices can’t jump start spring, too.