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Let Pruvan Mobile Be the Mobile App for Your Business

Pruvan Mobile is a best-in-class mobile app that can be easily, yet intelligently, integrated into your business operations. Pruvan Mobile becomes an extension of your business with a customizable look and feel to match your branding, and is designed to capture field data quickly and securely.

Pruvan Mobile is not only easy to integrate with, but it’s easy to use. There’s seamless work order dispatching and progress tracking with task level instructions. It collects certified field data (photos, videos, and mobile form data) with just a couple clicks of a button. Pruvan’s Workflow Builder translates seamlessly on Pruvan Mobile providing guided workflows that prevent mistakes and ensure quality results. Additionally, with Pruvan’s Onboarding and Training expertise, we can ensure a seamless transition when rolling out Pruvan Mobile to your vendor network.

Collected results can be relayed from the field to the office in real time where they’ll appear in the Pruvan Online Portal. With our Online Portal, vendor managers are able to view field data in real time and reduce errors or visits to a property. Compliance initiatives are becoming more important with the on-demand service economy, so Pruvan has partnered with independent third-parties to facilitate any background check requirements while keeping the process hassle-free for vendors to complete in the field. Pruvan Mobile also works on a number of popular devices including iOS and Android devices as well as some tablets and Android-enables digital cameras.

Need to take your business mobile but wary of the high costs? Need to capture certified field data and have it relay from the field to the office instantly? Integrate Pruvan Mobile into your existing business operations today by reaching out to a Pruvan team member to learn more.


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