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Let Pruvan Mobile Be the Mobile App for Your Business

Pruvan has a state of the art mobile app that can be easily integrated into your business operations. Pruvan Mobile simply becomes an extension of your business customized with your logo and with surveys and tasks relevant to your industry and services.


Pruvan Mobile is not only an easy mobile app to integrate, but easy to use. There’s seamless work order dispatching and progress tracking with task level instructions. It collects certified photos, videos, and mobile forms with just a couple clicks of a button. Pruvan Mobile’s custom Mobile Forms power guided work flows that prevent mistakes and ensure quality with skip-logic technology.

Collected results can be relayed from the field to the office in real time to both Pruvan Online and the Pruvan Client Portal. Compliance initiatives are becoming more popular with the on-demand service economy, so Pruvan has partnered with independent third-parties to facilitate any kind of background check requirements with just a tap while in the field. Pruvan Mobile also works on a number of popular devices including iOS and Android devices as well as some tablets and Android-enables digital cameras.

But really, it’s the little things that make Pruvan Mobile stand out from the competition. Settings can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your business which ultimately save you time and money.

Photos can be set at a certain resolution or layout. Only need a couple photos or want a whole bunch? Set a minimum or maximum photo requirement for a task. Don’t have a data plan? Send results back to the office only when connected to WiFi. Have a data plan but worried about burning through your GBs in one go? Our Development team constructed this mobile app so that files sent through the app are compressed in such a way that the impact on your plan is negligible. It’s also how we’re able to get results from the field to the office instantly. To learn more about how Pruvan Mobile works, visit our FAQ, watch a short video, or read more about it.

Want to mobilize your business with a custom mobile app solution without the high costs? Want to get certified photos, videos, and mobile forms from the field to your office instantly? Get started with Pruvan Mobile today by reaching out to a Pruvan team member to learn more.


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