Pruvan for General Contracting

Pruvan is a solution for General Contracting professionals who want constant field visibility at multiple project sites.

As a General Contracting professional we know that you’re constantly juggling multiple projects and multiple crews and other contractors. Pruvan makes it easy for you to manage multiple variables and see what’s happening in the field to ensure all your jobs are being done right and on time.

Pruvan Online makes it easy to see when a crew has started working on a project and with our advanced reporting capabilities you can track the progress of your crews. Need to add a new task to a project per client request? You can easily update a project in Pruvan Online or text your crew an update with a Hot Link. Show your clients both progress made and your finished product with our interactive Client Portal that can be Custom Branded for your business. Get paid fast and pay your crew members quickly with our FreshBooks electronic payment and invoicing integration. Generate an invoice and get paid with just the click of a button!


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