Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Pruvan Work?
Q) Where do my photos go?

A) When field photos are taken using Pruvan Mobile, they are immediately transferred to your Pruvan Online account if the device is setup properly to connect to the Internet.  They are also stored in the mobile device, just like a point and shoot camera and can be exported and copied off the device in the rare case of the device being unable to transfer photos to your Pruvan Online account.

Q) Will I be able to view my photos only online?  How do I get my photos?

A) Your photos are online as soon as they transfer from the mobile device.  This is automatic. The field user just points and shoots using Pruvan Mobile and we do the rest.  You get your photos online in the office using a web browser to access your Pruvan Online account.  You can also setup the Pruvan Downloader to automatically archive and download your photos to your computer system(s).

Q) How do my Field Staff get projects and tasks on their phone?

A) You can assign work and projects to your staff in your Pruvan Online Account.  When they log-in on the phone with the username and password you gave them they see the projects on the device that is running Pruvan Mobile. Want to create a Project on your device?  You can do this directly on the device by hitting the + button in Pruvan Mobile to create a “temporary” or “ad-hoc”  Project.

Q) Are projects assigned to everyone or can I make them private to each of my Field Staff?

A) You can assign Projects to everyone, a group username, or an individual username.  You setup username(s) in your Pruvan Online account.

Q) How many of my office staff can log-in to the website to view photos?

A)  There is no limit to the number of users you can create.  You can assign a “Role” to each user restricting what they can and can not do online and on the device once they log-in.

Q) How many complete archives (copies) of my photos can I download?

A) Using the Pruvan Downloader you can archive 2 complete copies of each day’s photos. The Pruvan Downloader must be properly configured and running on up to 2 computer systems in your office.

Why Do I Need Pruvan? What am I Buying?
Q) What is Pruvan selling?

A) We provide online business photos management by replacing point and shoot cameras with mobile devices.  Photos are organized by project, task and address and are GPS and time/date certified.  Our tag line is: “the job’s not done till it’s Pruvan.”

Q) Business photos only?

A) We focus on business photos.  Business photos are different than family or social photos because they need to be associated with a project, task, and typically an address, location, or job-site.  We add the “context” needed to answer the questions of who, what, when, where and for whom was this photo taken.  Pruvan certifies the resulting photo, GPS location, time and date as tamperproof and provides a Pruvan Certified Service Record with a map showing the location of all photos taken for the project or task.

Q) So Pruvan is like Facebook or Instagram?

A) No, these services allow you to take photos, but they are typically not for folks who take hundreds of photos a day and get paid based on the photos they take.

Q) How is this different from iCloud or Drop-Box or other photo sharing sites?

A) These file/photo sharing services allow you to share any file, including Pruvan photos. These services allow you to share photos but do not make it easy to assign work, capture field photos and organize your business photos for sharing.  Pruvan allows you to assign Projects and Tasks to your field staff.  Field Staff  log-in on their mobile devices and see the assigned Projects, get turn-by-turn instructions to the address, read your project instructions, and take photos of the tasks you want them to perform.  We make it easy for your field staff to to take “in-context” photos that transfer to your office before they leave the job-site.  You can then share photos using any popular photo sharing tool you wish to use.

How Much? Typical Pruvan Pricing Questions
Q) Is there a free trial?

A) YES! Pruvan has a free account option. Learn more about the features included in a free account here.

Q) How do you charge for your service?

A) We charge for each mobile device on which you want to use Pruvan Mobile (known as a device subscription).  You can enable and disable devices in your Pruvan Online account.  You can take  unlimited photos and have as many users (folks who login) as you’d like on each device for no additional charge.

Q) What do you charge per device?

A) Pruvan is $20 per device per month. When you purchase 5 devices, there is a 20% discount for a monthly total of $80 per month. When you purchase 25 devices, there is a 40% discount for a total of $300 per month. You can change the number of devices in our account at any time and your account will be charged accordingly. Visit our Pricing page for more information.

Q) Can I cancel online?

A) Yes, you can cancel online in your Pruvan Online account at anytime.  You can also manage all your subscriptions online and upgrade or downgrade the number of devices on your account as needed.

Q) Is there a long term contract?

A) Nope! You can cancel your Pruvan device subscriptions anytime online.

Pruvan's Recommended Best Practices for Photo Management
Q) I would like to learn how others manage their business photos using Pruvan.

A) Pruvan offers weekly webinars to learn how our customers use our Products and Services.  Sign up for these informative webinars and let us know what we can learn, and what you would like to learn from us.  We get our best ideas by listening to our customers. Sign up for a Pruvan Webinar.

Q) How do others share their Pruvan photos with their clients?

A) We have several ways to share photos.  Using your Pruvan Online Account you can search for and view your photos.  You can then  download all photos for a Project into an organized ZIP file.  This ZIP file has all your photos in a single ZIP file, organized in folders and compressed ready to attach to email.

Pruvan also offers the Pruvan Downloader, a PC based application that automatically sweeps your online account every 30 minutes to archive and download your unzipped photos to your computer system(s).  The Pruvan Downloader allows you to define the way the folders are organized.    Want to have Date of Visit then Address, then Project or Task?  No problem.  Want to have Project Address then Date?  Organize your photo folders the way you do business.

Have another office you want to share photos with?  You can define multiple users in your account who can have access to all your photos.

Want to share address folders with your client so every time you visit the address their photos are automatically available online? You can point the Pruvan Downloader to popular folder sharing tools on the Internet like Drop-Box, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud to name a few.  These online tools (not supported by Pruvan) allow you to grant access to your photo folders any way you wish.

Q) What are the best practices Pruvan recommend so we never loose a photo?

A) In summary using Pruvan your photos are much safer than a point and shoot camera.  We understand how important your photos are, for many without a photo you do not get paid.  Rest assured Pruvan works hard to make sure your photos are safe.  We allow you to archive/store your photos on you mobile device so at the very least your as good as a point and shoot camera.  Next we automatically upload photos to your online account based on the mobile device settings.  We encourage you to always have a data plan and let photos transfer all day so if the device is lost, damaged or stolen you have the latest photos online.  In addition, we let you know on the device what photos are pending upload and remind the user to allow the device to connect to the Internet to transfer photos to your account as soon as possible.

What Internal Costs Will I Incur Using Pruvan?
Q) How will I train my Field Staff to take photos using Pruvan? What new tasks will they have?  What tasks will be eliminated?

A) Using Pruvan is as easy as 1) Downloading the Free Mobile app, 2) Logging in, and 3) Taking Photos.  Most Field Staff “get-it” without much training.  The only new tasks will be a typical 1 day learning curve to properly use the Pruvan Mobile application.  Tasks eliminated are typically late nights organizing, resizing, uploading, and emailing photos. Attend a webinar and read through our Quick Start Guides on the Pruvan Support Center.

Q) How will I train my office staff?  What new tasks will they have?  What tasks will be eliminated?

A) Pruvan offers weekly webinars to train a “subject matter expert” (aka a Pruvan Support Ninja) on your staff.  Optional new tasks include entering Projects (import available) and assigning work to Field Staff.  This speeds up the delivery of work orders to your Field Crews which allows them to get more work faster with better instructions.  Field Staff can also create Project on an activated mobile device.  Tasks eliminated are downloading. resizing, organizing, and storing photos.  Photo management tasks are done using the Pruvan Downloader or by viewing each Project in your Pruvan Online account and downloading a ZIP file. Attend a webinar and read through our Quick Start Guides on the Pruvan Support Center.

Q) What will my device costs be compared to what I spend today on point and shoot cameras?

A) Most Field Staff members purchase at least 1 $200+ point and shoot camera a year if they take photos every day.  Devices that are compatible with Pruvan Mobile may already be in your Field Staff’s hands reducing this cost to $0.  If you need to purchase a mobile device, you can typically buy a new device with a cellular data plan for less than $200 + monthly fees.  You can also purchase an off-contract mobile device for under $200 with no monthly contract required.

However: Pruvan Mobile does NOT need a cellular data plan in order to work.  The mobile device can also connect to a WiFi network to receive work instructions and transfer photos.  If there is no or limited WiFi at a job site, photos and surveys will queue on the device and will be sent once a WiFi connection is reestablished. While not required, as a best practice, Pruvan recommends a cellular data plan to allow photos to transfer while the Field Crew is still at the job-site.

Q) Won’t my cell phone bill increase dramatically if I send photos over my cellular data network???

A) Pruvan sizes and compresses photos to minimize cell data usage.  You should be able to transfer at least 10,000+ photos per month per device for less than $10 in cellular data fees (1 Gigabyte of data).  This works out to 10 photos per penny at the popular 640×480 photo resolution setting in Pruvan Mobile.   Most data plans include a minimum of 2 gigabytes of data per month.  For most folks, $10/month or less is well worth the price for the peace of mind and speed at which photos transfer to your Pruvan Online account.  For a high resolution photos taken with Pruvan Mobile, you can expect 1,000+ photos per month for less than $10 per month (1 Gigabyte of data).   Please make sure you understand your particular cell plan to make sure your never charged more than $10 per Gigabyte.

Q) What about batteries and battery life?  What will I be paying for cell phone batteries and accessories?

A) We recommend the highest capacity internal battery, a spare battery pack, and chargers in the vehicle to keep your device charged in the field.  To get the most out of Pruvan Mobile, we recommend leaving on GPS, WiFi and all location services which does consume device battery power.  You can get external battery packs and in-vehicle chargers for less than $50 that will keep your device going all day.

Point and Shoot Cameras vs. Mobile Devices
Q) Don’t mobile devices cost much more than a cheap point and shoot camera?

A) In a word, No.  Point and shoot cameras typically cost at least $200 and extra batteries and accessories can be expensive.  Many popular mobile devices that run Pruvan Mobile are available for well under $200 or even free with a cellular plan.  Pricing for a used off-contract mobile device that works with Pruvan is far less than $200.  Chances are your Field Staff already have a compatible mobile device that will run Pruvan Mobile.

Q) How does battery life compare?

A) Battery life is always an issue on devices taking photos.  Comparing a mobile device to a point and shoot camera really depends on the devices battery capacity.  There are many mobile devices that have high capacity batteries or you can use a external battery pack for your mobile device.  Pruvan Mobile does use the device’s GPS, navigation applications, and WiFi so these should all be turned on to optimize performance.  Well trained and equipped Field Staff can take over 1,000+ photos per day without battery issues using Pruvan Mobile.

Q) Zoom and wide angle?

A)  Mobile devices currently do not take a wide angle shot like some specialized point and shoot cameras.  However, Pruvan’s rapid photo capture capability makes it easy to take multiple shots.  Our customers who require a wide angle shot manage this requirement using multiple photos.  Mobile devices can zoom, but this is a digital zoom not an optical moving lens zoom like fancier point and shoot cameras.

Q) Picture quality?

A)  Mobile devices have come a long way since these dinosaurs and many are equipped with 5+ Megapixel cameras.  These photos can be digitally zoomed and have great resolution often with HD quality.  Pruvan Mobile allows you to set the desired resolution and photo size within the Pruvan Mobile settings.

Q) Durability?

A)  Mobile devices win hands down in the durability category.  With a rugged case and fixed lens, the mobile device typically out-lasts the point and shoot camera significantly.  We hear from folks who buy 2-3 cameras a year per field crew who have said that switching to mobile devices to capture photos (using Pruvan Mobile of course!) pays for the annual cost of Pruvan alone.

Q) My Field Staff emails or sends me photos online.  How does this change with Pruvan?

A) Imagine Field Staff not spending 1-2 hours a day messing around at a home or office computer trying to send you photos.  Pruvan instantly transmits photos and field data from the field to the office before the Field Staff even leaves the job site. The photos and field data arrive organized  date/time stamped, and properly sized.

Imagine no more waiting until the end of the day for job results.  Imagine never loosing a days worth of work photos, lost due to a lost, damaged, or stolen camera.  Pruvan sends photos as soon as they are taken.

Imagine no more photo requests, going back to get a forgotten picture, or retaking a blurry photo.

Q) Will resizing and organizing photos be done automatically using Pruvan?

A) YES.  Pruvan makes sure all photos are the proper size before they are transferred.  They transfer fast, save data, and get to you without slowing down your Field Staff.

Q) What about the cost of lost photos?  Are my photos safe using Pruvan?

A) With Pruvan Mobile on your mobile device, your photos are much more secure than point and shoot cameras.   Pruvan is always attempting to transfer photos from your mobile device to your secure online account.  If your mobile device gets damaged, lost, or stolen chances are that your photos are already safely stored on your Pruvan Online account.  A lost point and shoot camera is not just a lost camera, but also a lost day of work.

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