Update: They’re Here! Scrollable Surveys!

Update November 1st:

Scrollable Surveys are LIVE!

That’s right folks, today is November 1st and we’ve released an update with scrollable surveys. These new surveys will allow you to complete your checklists and mobile forms infinitely faster than before. No more page by page questions. All of the questions in a survey are on the same page. We also added comment boxes to each question to make it easier to provide supplemental notes or documentation.

Here’s a quick before and after so you can see the difference:


Old SurveyNew Survey for Blog


Neat right? So that you and your crews are prepared for the November 1st update, we HIGHLY recommend that you GET TRAINED. To learn how to use these new surveys, read up on Pruvan Support or sign up for a webinar.

Over the next few weeks. Android users will see automatic updates to Pruvan Mobile. By December 1st, iOS users will be prompted to update Pruvan mobile.

Want to get these new surveys ASAP? Go to this article to learn how to download the updates for iOS and Android.

Questions? Drop us a line!