The 14 Days of 3.14

Get readyyyyyyyy……….

Because a new release of Pruvan is almost here!!!

Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, Pruvan is bringing you the 14 Days of 3.14: a countdown to the release of our newest version of Pruvan on Monday, January 12, 2015. We’ll have a brand new look, some snazzy new features, and so many great new tools to help you (as always!) get more work done faster.

On the first day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving a brand new make over! We’ll have a fancy new user interface that will be easier than ever to use.

On the second day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving the ability to move photos from one project to another! Remember the time you accidentally took photos on one project that were meant for another? And it was pretty much impossible to fix? Well with 3.14 the impossible is now possible.

On the third day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving the option to upload photos! Want to send photos through Pruvan but they were taken with another device or a point and shoot camera? With 3.14 you can upload photos from your computer into your Pruvan account.

On the fourth day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving a brand new report that logs all photo relays! In this log, see what photos and orders were successfully relayed from Pruvan to your work order management system and vice versa.

On the fifth day of 3,14, Pruvan is giving a new photo status report. This report makes it possible to not only track the status of photos relayed to your work order management system, but also republish failed relays in ONE CLICK!

On the sixth day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving a projects page that’s optimized for mobile! View and edit projects from your phone or tablet. Huzzah!

On the seventh day of 3.14, Pruvan wants to remind you that:


On the eighth day of 3.14, integrating with Pruvan became faster and easier! We enhanced our Standard Driver to streamline all of the neat new features of 3.14. Much like the enhanced PPW2 driver that we released in the fall of 2014, upgrading to the enhanced Pruvan API is a snap. Instructions will be on the site soon, and as always you can contact support with any questions at

On the ninth day of 3.14, Pruvan is releasing Pruvan Share 2. With Pruvan Share 2, you can now see work orders from your own account AND orders from your sub-user account (if you do work for folks other than yourself) in the same place. You can link the two types of accounts for free so there’s no more logging in and out of different accounts!

On the tenth day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card! You have 4 more days to like Pruvan on Facebook in order to enter to win (giveaway ends at noon CST on Monday, January 12th). Click here to like us and good luck!

On the eleventh day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving more status options! Need to mark a project as Rush, Rework, or Invoiced? Well now you can. 3.14 will have a total of 5 new status options to choose from!

On the twelfth day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving an easier way to manage devices on accounts! In the new user interface, just enter in the number devices you want and discounts are applied automatically. No more 3 device, 5 device, or 25 device packs. Just tell us how many devices you need and you got ‘em!

On the thirteenth day of 3.14, Pruvan is giving Crew Users 90 days to view photos! No more feeling rushed by the 30 day deadline. Crew Users now have three times the time to view past projects, download zip files, and save photos on their own computers for their records.

On the fourteenth day of 3.14, Pruvan 3.14 is here!!! Learn all about all of the upgrades and changes in this in-depth article on the Pruvan Forums. You’ll learn how to utilize all the new features and here is where you’ll find instructions on how to upgrade your Pruvan account. Questions? Contact Support at