The Best Boots on the Block

Spring has sprung and that means there’s grass to be tackled!


If you’re thinking about getting some new protective footwear for the season, Pruvan has you covered. We recently reached out to our friends in the industry to get their recommendations on the best and most essential footwear for surviving the spring and summer grass cut season. Feet and toes will remain unscathed with these boots recommendations!


Submit Bids Using Mobile Forms

Pruvan supports a very specific type of survey called a Bid. Bids are a way to request payment on a task that unexpectedly comes up while at a job site. You’re inspecting a home and you see that a window needs to be replaced. Or you’re mowing a lawn and there’s a pile of junk that needs to be disposed of. These are things that should be taken care of while at the property and Pruvan has two ways for you to submit bids to the work provider right at the job site. Remember, every work provider has a unique process so make sure you use these options as a guide to fit Pruvan Bids with your business.


Pruvan Device Subscription Policy

We offer complimentary support to paying accounts to help train up to three (3) named Pruvan Subject Matter Experts (aka SMEs, aka Pruvan Support Ninjas) per Pruvan account.  Pruvan subscriptions are month to month, contract-free, and we give you full control to cancel your Pruvan account online at any time. Subscription terms are paid in advance for each month and are not prorated or refundable. Clients are responsible for any subscriptions or charges previously incurred.