All the New Features of Pruvan 3.15

Here are all the new features of the Pruvan 3.15 release! Get more work done faster with all these great features.

Here are all the new features of the Pruvan 3.15 release! Get more work done faster with all these great features.

Pruvan Mobile Enhancements

An upgrade to Pruvan would not be complete without enhancements made to Pruvan Mobile! These features will be available later in July. Are you an iPhone/iPad users who’s interested in getting 5 free devices to help us test? Click here to learn more.

Check-in Improvements

Check-in has become even easier in Pruvan! Options have been added to streamline the Check-in process for those required by their work provider to do so. These options include:

  • Integrating the required checklist into the check-in process (so that it doesn’t appear as an extra task on the project).
  • Choosing whether a required check-in is to be completed either before starting a project or before hitting the complete button. Some folks want to complete the check-in right away, others like waiting until after the work has been completed. With this option, you’ll be able to set your preference!
  • Being signed into Pruvan with an ABC number no longer times out after 12 or 24 hours. A user can set the check-in time out period as indefinite.
  • You can now put your ABC number in the Pruvan user profile so that it auto-populates on Pruvan Mobile. Never forget your ABC Number again!

More Projects on a Single Screen: Collapsible Project Lists

Lots of Projects on your phone? The Project list is now organized into collapsible accordions so that you can view more of them on your screen at one time. Just tap to view or close a section!

Activity Timeout

This feature is much like what you see in mobile banking. When there is a lack of activity on the app, you’ll be forced to log back in to access projects and photos.

Quick Login

We wouldn’t mess you up with something like Activity Timeout without giving you a quick fix! Pruvan now lets you enable Quick Login. This allows users to set a 4 digit PIN to quickly log into the app after an activity timeout.

Accept and Reject Work Orders Directly from Pruvan Mobile

Integrated accounts will now enable users to accept and reject work orders or changes to work orders directly from Pruvan Mobile! You’ll be able to let your office manager or work provider know, directly from the field, if you’re able to complete a work order with the click of a button. That status will be published to the Projects page in the Pruvan Online account in real time.


Pruvan Online Enhancements

The features below are what you’ll see when you log into your Pruvan Online account. These will be available on Wednesday, July 8th!

Improved Reporting

In 3.15 you’ll have four new reports available to you in your Pruvan Online account. All report are available by clicking “Report Launcher” under the Reports tab, except for the Property Report located on the Photos page.

  • Device Management Report: View and manage the usage of all the devices in your account in a given date range.
  • Check-in Report: View the status of all the check-ins for you and your crew members in a given date range.
  • Crew Tracking Report: See where and when your users are taking photos. Includes a map view! (NEAT.) Please note: this is not a real-time tracking report. It is based on the GPS data of uploaded photos.
  • Property Report: See the activity at any given address over any period of time. Just click on an address from the Photos page to get started.

The New User Interface (UI) is Officially the Default

You’ll see the shiny new UI every time you login to your Pruvan Online account! There will still be the option to go back to the old UI, but not for too much longer.

An Awesome New Projects Page

The Projects page is now fully functional on a mobile phone or tablet as well as a PC! You can now just as easily manage your projects in the field as in the office. This new page also gives you a bunch more information about each project including the ability to have greater visibility of projects in the field. This new Projects page now illustrates when a crew member Views, Starts, and Completes a work order. The master user can also now push alerts to their crew members that flag projects as Rush, Rework, or Cancel.  Additionally, users out in the field have the ability to Accept or Reject a change to an order. Phone run out of batteries in the field? You can also now upload photos from your backup camera into a work order on the Pruvan Projects page.

In summary, you can now:

  • View the field status of a project with Pruvan’s field status options of: New, Updated, Viewed, In Process, Field Complete, Field Accepted, Field Rejected.
  • View the status of a project with Pruvan’s status options of: Unassigned, Assigned, Accepted, Rejected, Rush, Rework, Cancelled, Complete, Invoiced, Submitted, Deleted, Closed.
  • View the status of an associated integration as it appears in their own Vendor Portal.
  • Assign work orders and manage work on an iPhone, Android device, tablet, OR PC.
  • Upload photos from your PC into a project if needed.
  • As an added bonus, this new page loads much, much faster than the old one. Hooray!

An Even More Awesome Photos Page with a Killer Drag and Drop Upgrade

The Photos page has been redesigned to load much faster. Even better? No more checking boxes on the details page! Simply click on a row to select. Even better than that? The Move Photos feature has been completely redesigned: you can now DRAG AND DROP photos from one project to another. Better still? You can now type (OR PASTE!!) the project you want to move photos to without having to scroll through an enormous list. Check out the photos below. See the detailed photo summary, the ability to move a photo and edit the evidence type, and finally the ability to drag and drop MULTIPLE photos at once!


Password Management for Subusers

Subusers now have the ability to request a password reset using the Forgot Password link on their login screen. Note: this is possible only if a valid email address is associated with their username. Subusers can also reset their password on the Edit Profile page under the Accounts tab.

Partner Branding: Your Logo on Pruvan

Integrated partners can now work with Pruvan to design Pruvan Online and Pruvan Mobile to looks like their own mobile app and vendor portal! Click here to learn more.


Questions about any of these enhancements? Check out this article on our Pruvan Support Center and always feel free to open a Support Ticket. Many of these upgrades and enhancements were requests from our clients and their contractors, so always feel like you can Suggest an Idea!