Have You Downloaded the Pruvan Downloader?

Another features that sets Pruvan apart from other mobile solutions out there? Free Cloud Storage. That’s right, you heard it here first, Pruvan is proud to offer our customers free and (more importantly) secure cloud storage for all your photos, videos, and mobile forms with Amazon Web Services, one of the most secure cloud-based storage providers in the world. But what if you want to access your data offline? What is you don’t want to spend hours auto-organizing your data at the end of a long day or over the weekend?

The Pruvan Downloader is an additional storage solution that allows you to auto-organize all your files if you want access to your files while offline. The Pruvan Downloader is included with your Pruvan account and it’s a desktop application that enables easy desktop syncing.

Simply direct the Downloader to your preferred storage solution (an external hard drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and the Downloader auto-organizes all incoming data into the correct folders and sub-folders, preferences which have been set by you to benefit your business. Each paying Pruvan account has access to two Downloaders so you can have all your photos, videos, and mobile forms backed up to the cloud, the office, and your home.

This feature is probably the unsung hero of Pruvan. Pruvan has many amazing features but this one saves you countless hours each day organizing thousands of certified photos, videos, and mobile forms from hundreds of projects. With Pruvan’s free cloud storage and the Downloader, gone are the days of manually organizing field data, and you’ll save money with reduced overtime costs. This is the feature that gets you out of the office and home to your family and friends faster than ever before. Pruvan users have attested that our storage solutions saved their marriages!

This feature alone should convince you to start using Pruvan for your business. Why wait? Tell us how we can help you get started.