Create Custom Mobile Forms for Your Business

Pruvan empowers you to create custom Mobile Forms that meet the needs of your business.

Update 3/29/2018: Pruvan’s mobile form builder is now called the “Workflow Builder.” To learn more about the Workflow Builder and see our most recent content, please go here.

When your mobile forms are completed in the field, results are sent from Pruvan Mobile to your Pruvan Online account in the office in real time. Office staff can provide instant feedback to ensure forms are being completed correctly.

Form results are included on the Pruvan Certified Service Record, but if there are certain industry forms that need to be completed on a regular basis, Pruvan can work with you to configure your reports to auto-populate into printable PDF formats. Normally a lengthy process with a clipboard and a pencil, these forms are completed in no time; just another way Pruvan can save you time and money.

To build your own mobile forms, simply use the Pruvan Survey Builder in Pruvan Online. Our Survey Builder is incredibly dynamic and is powered by skip logic technology that’s super easy to use. Instructions are here.


You add a question, indicate if the question is required and what types of data should be collected with that question (photos, etc), and finally, using the aforementioned skip-logic technology, indicate what result a given answer should trigger. Example: “If yes, then stop.” or “If no, take a photo.” It’s that easy. Once you’ve finished your mobile form, you can save it in your Pruvan Online account and assign it as a task to any number of projects.

If you need help getting started with creating your own mobile form, sign up for a custom training webinar where one of our Support team members will walk you through the process.

Ready to ditch that clipboard and pencil and start using Pruvan Mobile and our Mobile Forms to get more work done faster? You can start today. Contact us or sign up now.