Pruvan Cloud Storage AddOns: Dropbox and Google Drive

Our first Pruvan AddOns for cloud storage are now live in Pruvan Online.

That’s great, you may be thinking, but what does that mean for me and my business?

Well for one thing, for those who already use Dropbox or Google Drive to store their photos, videos, and mobile forms, transferring data from Pruvan just got simpler. Before, you would need to use the Pruvan Downloader to point your files from Pruvan Online to your preferred cloud storage platform. This meant that you had to have a physical computer running at all times for the data transfer for work. With our Dropbox and Google Drive AddOns, this is no longer the case. Once you set up your AddOn in your Pruvan Online account, you’re all set! There’s no longer a need to use the Pruvan Downloader as an intermediary and no longer a need to have a laptop or desktop computer running all day and night.

For those Pruvan customers who are not currently Dropbox or Google Drive customers, the benefit for you is instant access to all your Pruvan data anytime and anywhere for at a very small cost. Dropbox Basic is free with access to 2GB of storage. Google Drive is free with access to 15GB of storage or 100GB for just $1.99/month. Need more room than that? Dropbox offers plans with 1TB of storage for $99/year or $199/year depending on the number of additional features. Google Drive also offers 1TB of storage for $120/year. Both services allow you to easily access your data from any number of devices, promote seamless data syncing capabilities, and organize your data in a way that best makes sense for you. The best part? With the average Pruvan photo optimized to a mere 100KB, both cloud services can house all the photos you’d ever need to take, with 2GB of storage holding 20,000 photos and 1TB of storage able to hold a whopping 10 MILLION Pruvan photos.

While Pruvan is pleased to offer our own cloud storage for all your photos, videos, and mobile forms free of cost, we realize that there are other options out there and that our customers might want a variety of storage options. If you’re a current Dropbox or Google Drive customer, set up the AddOn today in your Pruvan Online account. If you’re not a Dropbox or Google Drive customer just yet, explore the possibilities with a free account.

Questions? Pruvan Customer Care has you covered. Read this article on the Pruvan Support Center or open a Support Ticket.