5 CRMs for Assigning Maintenance Projects and Managing Home Contractors

Think about how much time you’ve either spent managing contractors or invested in onboarding them. One of the quickest ways to cut down that time is a CRM. But the big question comes: which one?   

Here are five CRMs worth considering:   

1. Solve360

With Solve360, some of our real estate customers are using the CRM to manage their contractor contacts and assign jobs within it. Plus Solve360 not only integrates with Pruvan, but it also works with G Suite products. And you can always templatize repetitive tasks. For instance, a property manager could automate an email followup on jobs like make ready assignments during move-in days. 

2. Salesforce

As one of the biggest CRMs in the world with tons of integrations and custom features we have quite a few customers turn to them. Some of the features you may be interested include reporting, scheduling email following ups, and a KPI dashboard.       

As an add-on for Salesforce, RealZips allows you to route leads automatically by zip code. There are potential opportunities with that to route jobs by contractor’s location. 

3. FollowUp Power

For sales CRMs, FollowUp Power has built a system specifically designed for home services companies. With FollowUp Power, not only can you automate workflows and track bids, you can even automatically pre-qualify leads.       

4. Streak

Streak is a CRM specifically made for Gmail. You can easily get up and running in the span of a day. You can build workflows in their pipelines and attach notes and files to each conversation you wish to track.         

5. Nutshell

Though traditionally used as a sales CRM, some of Nutshell‘s features may be of interest to real estate companies like a map view of your work pipeline.        

If you have a specific CRM already in place with an available API and wish to integrate it with Pruvan, contact us today.