7 Ways to Grow Your Property Preservation Business

The property preservation industry is shrinking. 

But what are the most effective ways to grow your property preservation business and stay competitive in this industry?

Let’s dive into a few here!

1. Since banks and REO asset management companies have the most property preservation jobs ready to fulfill, they are the best place to start.  Contracting Services, Cyprexx Services, and Lenders Asset Management Corporation are some of the biggest companies in the industry, and they are always looking for vendors. Reach out to them and specify the areas in which you serve. Most companies will require you to register directly with them to be placed on their vendor list so you can be added as a trusted source and potential opportunity for recurring business.

Sometimes work providers also reach out to us looking for vendors, learn more about our integrated partners.

2. National sites like PropertyVendors.com and Instant Home Link are also used by many companies to find preservation contractors and jobs. Add yourself to their directory and bookmark their job board.

3. Look for regional property preservation directories along with local directories (Chamber of Commerce or any real estate organizations) to list your business.

4. If you are looking to connect directly with real estate agents, mail out postcards to them. Start out with two small batches containing two different sets of ad copy. Once you discover the copywriting on one postcard is more effective (based on who reaches back to you), you can produce more postcards of the more successful version. Initially, if you have a lower budget, you can always start by emailing them, using the contact information from directories.

5. When you have direct clients like real estate agents, homeowners or landlords, they are always most excited right when they sign a contract with you. That’s when you ask them if you do a good job do they mind referring you to other businesses.

Most reasonable people will say β€œyes,” but if they don’t, you can always ask them for a testimonial you can later use in your marketing collateral.

6. Reach out to local banks to obtain contacts of local foreclosed property managers.

7. When lenders, mortgage companies, and other businesses hear about you, they want to know more about you and the services you provide. Set up a website and Facebook page as places to educate your potential new customers, show social proof of your company, and make your business easier to find if someone searches on Google for property preservation businesses in your area.

For assistance managing your jobs, explore our property preservation app.