Tips for Successfully Onboarding Vendors

As you look to add vendors, multiple teams within your company are likely involved from finance to legal. Creating or improving the vendor onboarding process can help ensure everyone within your organization has what they need for a successful partnership.

Take advantage of these tips for successfully adding vendors.

Centralize Vendor Payment and Documents

Fortunately, there are many software options available so vendors can securely provide their payment details online along with any necessary documents like W9s or insurance policies. 

For any additional information, you need that doesn’t come standard with an IRS form, work with any relevant parties to your business (whether it’s your accountants or clients) to identify the fields in configuring onboarding documents. Keep in mind these forms may be different based on your vendors’ location, skills, and the client they are completing a project for. Only request information you need. If you overwhelm vendors with the amount of paperwork, you can run into the issue of carrying a high maintenance perception. Being too much trouble, they may end up not pursuing work with you.


Verify with legal any requirements such as compliance requirements and background checks. If any of your customers require background check reports, Pruvan integrates with solutions. Learn more about that here.

Streamline Training

Scale any software or processes you require your vendors to complete through training. In the long run, you’ll save plenty of time by initially rolling out training to your most responsive and used vendors to get their feedback on the pilot version of your training.

For new vendors, you can set your expectations covering minimum vendor requirements, training session schedule, and other information. Going back to scalability, online training includes any software and workflow processes you need them to implement. This way everyone receives the same amount of guidance.

Our team can help not only create an online portal for training; we can solidify your vendor’s workflow. Learn more about Pruvan’s onboarding services.