The Time for Property Preservation Companies to Innovate is Now

We know the economy is doing well and we know what that means for the property preservation companies. Though we are starting to see an uptick in foreclosure starts, it could still be some time before that turns into anything significant for the industry. What are you doing to make this downturn as productive as you can? When work volumes are low, it might be time to innovate and focus on improving processes. In other words, look inward.

Are you capitalizing on processes?

Efficiency and effectiveness are the differentiators that allow you to stand out in the property preservation industry. If you’ve been thinking over the past few years about changes you need to make in the processes that you are using now, or if you’re thinking, “What processes?”, then take advantage of the reduced volume and spend time on those changes.

Where do you start?

Audit your current process and workflows to find better and more ways for your crew to work together. Use the following questions to identify opportunities for improvements in communication and training.

How are you receiving and sending photos?

Do you find that photos go missing? Too much time is being spent downloading and uploading to your portal, or that they just aren’t getting where they need to go in a timely manner? No one wants to spend time in the field, but then countless hours in the office organizing and uploading photos. There is a better way.

Do you have a fail-safe method of proving time and date?

Photos are great, but when damage is done, or work needs to be proven, there is no wiggle room on time and date. If you don’t have an airtight way to show the quality work that you provide, then you are already behind the game and your reputation will eventually suffer. Why leave anything to chance?

Do you have an efficient way of keeping up with workflows?

The way you work is unique to you. A customizable workflow builder that you and your team can deploy simply and effectively is imperative to the success of each project. How is your current solution holding up? Is it time to look for something new?

Where is your data stored and how is being shared?

If you don’t have an easy system for data storage and sharing, you’re no doubt giving your email quite a workout. Stop using clunky apps and workflows that don’t work seamlessly. Find a solution that will improve the way you store and share results with your clients. Everyone you work with will thank you.

What reoccurring issues can you identify with your team and/or vendors?

Is training an issue? Did you lose track of a project? Whether you are a property preservation provider or a vendor, training can be complicated, especially when working with technology. Project tracking Is always a struggle when there is no at-a-glance option for you to turn to when checking in on job progression. The same can be said for vendors who are just trying to get the job done and cannot stop constantly to give updates on progress. Though these issues seem like they will always be a struggle, they don’t have to be with the right partner.

Are you using outdated technology?

Outdated technology can mean a lot of different things these days. Your technology could be less than a year old, but still be outdated if you aren’t updating to keep pace with the industry. Or, your vendor portal could be five years old and doesn’t do what you need it to anymore. Look for technology solutions that ensure they are updating functionality based on customer feedback from both vendors and clients.

The progress you make now, while the industry is in a slow spot can create an ideal situation for you to hit the ground running when it turns around. You don’t want to be the one caught unaware when the shift happens, you want to be leading the pack.

How can Pruvan help you during this time?

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If you are a property preservation company:

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