Documenting Disaster Recovery Efforts in the Property Preservation Industry

Unfortunately, there has been no shortage of natural disasters in the past year. With at least six major disasters exceeding $1B in damage as of July 2018, it’s time to start taking a harder look at disaster recovery. What are the top opportunities for property preservation functional improvements during a disaster in 2019?

Click Here for information compiled by Quality Claims and presented by Robin Markow at the 2018 NAMFS Conference in Denver, CO reflecting the natural disaster trends as well as preservation responses that were discussed by the panel of experts.

Property Preservation Triage – Identify Types of Jobs that Need to Be Done Immediately


Be Proactive Rather than Reactive

Get in touch with your go-to crews and preservation specialists before disaster hits. If you can start the conversation before the damage is even part of the picture, then you will be first in line when the after-effects have everyone else scrambling to find a free hand. Pruvan offers real-time results for asset owners, giving them the photographic evidence needed to deploy the next phase of preservation specialists. Who do you have in mind with regard to these services?

Debris Removal

In order to make space for all of the other jobs that need to be done, the first order of business is debris removal. Downed trees, branches, trash, building materials and more make it impossible to get crews into a home and can cause safety issues that have to be resolved before additional work starts. These issues can make it difficult for an estimator or insurance agent to even get near the property. Use before and after photos to illustrate the amount of work that is taken care of on the property with Pruvan’s mobile app.

Property Inspection

Once the debris is removed the Pruvan app can really help keep things in order. With natural disasters come a high volume of properties with damages and it can become extremely taxing to keep up with each one. Ensure the efficient identification of problem areas as the preservation process continues. Pruvan has the ability to do all of this and more with their Inspection app 

Roof Inspection

Whether a hurricane, tornado or just a major rain storm, roofs are priority number one. A problem with a roof can cause more headaches than just a few loose shingles.  Unattended or “hidden” leaks that don’t become apparent until days or weeks later can cause major internal damage to a structure. Same goes for a leak that has been going while you’ve been waiting to get the go-ahead to access your property. Mitigate internal damages from the outside in.

Water Damage and Restoration

Consult a water damage expert early into any flooding or storm situation to help get things under control. Ensure there are no electrical hazards present near the water. Check electric and gas to determine the amount of damage sustained by water exposure. Look below the surface. If there is wet sheetrock and carpet, out it goes. See what’s lurking behind walls and underneath flooring. Water damage and restoration companies will have industrial dryers and dehumidifiers to help ensure the fastest drying possible.


Aside from wanting your property to look nice as quickly as possible, landscaping after a disaster can be a safety concern. Safety issues can be caused by erosion, uprooted trees, downed limbs, and even issues that aren’t evident to the layperson, like dying trees from mold and other diseases. Having an expert inspect and clean up the landscaping around the property is important to getting back on the right track.

How can Pruvan help?

Pruvan’s workflow builder and mobile app can make your job much easier and keep your Clients happy even in the face of disaster. The more you can help minimize their cost and losses the more likely they are to keep working with you for the long haul. With the Pruvan mobile app value and capabilities like tamper-proof geotagged photos,  there is even more value to what Pruvan can do for you. Sometimes photos alone are not enough when you need more to show the full scale of damage caused by natural disasters, Pruvan’s reliable video feature can make all the difference.

With the Pruvan app, you are able to sub-assign tasks to contractors in order to manage preservation tasks outside of your own expertise. You don’t have to manage your work and their work separately but can keep track of everything in one place. We are here to help. If you have any questions about how Pruvan can help you or if you have any questions about the app itself, our Customer Care team is ready to help you.