Five Ways Good Documentation Can Change Your Business


While it’s easy to have a “get ‘er done” attitude when it comes to quick deliveries and big projects, no amount of time saved is worth the cost of cut corners. Documentation, by which we mean both proof of work and clear process, is essential to your business’s long-term stability and ability to consistently turn a profit. Everything that happens on your site should be documented, whether that’s work completed, deliveries made, field reports, or unexpected order changes. By implementing a strong and reliable method of documentation, you’ll transform the way that you do business.

Here’s how:

Reliable Project Progress Tracking

When you implement a results-certified order management solution like Pruvan’s, you’re able to stay on top of your projects in real time. Delivery made? You’ll know the moment that package changes hands, with irrefutable photographic evidence to back it up. Construction phase completed? You can be the first to let your stakeholders know the instant the work is done. 

Save Money

When you regularly document work done, deliveries made, and projects completed, you save money. It’s simple—the more efficient your processes are, the more time you’re able to spend actually working, and not chasing down overdue invoices or arguing over whether you really installed that refrigerator or not. When you log all expenditures, work orders, and work completed in the same system, it’s easy to see where your money is going—and put a stop to costs outside the scope of the project. In the long term, this can save you some serious cash.

Protect Your Company Against Legal Action

Solid documentation is your first line of defense against a customer or a client complaint. Especially if that complaint escalates and becomes a legal issue, you want to be able to prove in court that you performed the service you said that you did, when you said that you did. While documenting every project may seem like a chore, it’s much cheaper than the cost of an attorney and a lawsuit.

Ensure Compliance

You already work hard to maintain your company standards against federal, state, and local compliance requirements. By documenting as much of your operations as possible, you ensure that if asked to provide proof of compliance for a certification (or in a lawsuit), you’ll be able to prove without a doubt that your work was completed to the highest standards. Plus, with a process like this in place, your team understands that there is no room for error—which will improve the consistent quality of work completed.

Set & Maintain Company Standards

By having a transparent way to document work done, you demonstrate both internally and externally that you are a professional organization. When the proof of quality work completed is right there in your hands, on your mobile device, you’ll spend less time haggling and more time resting securely on your impeccable track record. Your high standards will inspire trust in future clients, which in turn enables you to secure pricier contracts and get more work.

We know the power that good documentation has—that’s why we set out to create a mobile solution that made it easier than ever to document your work on the fly. Our application is tamper-proof, Ready to simplify the job of managing fieldwork? Schedule your free demo or get a free trial of Pruvan today.