Pruvan Provides Method for Inspections Amidst Quarantine

Pruvan app allows certified loss draft and occupancy inspections to be performed by occupants.


AUSTIN, Texas, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pruvan, the leading solution for tamper-proof photo technology for field service workers, announced that their app now allows for loss draft and occupancy inspections to be performed by the occupant of the home. The technology ensures that photos taken inside the app are timestamped, geocoded, and tamper-proof. This solution provides the level of authentication required by financial institutions to certify inspections.

Of the need for this service, General Manager Jeff Beaulieu said, “Due to virus concerns homeowners are reluctant to allow inspectors into their home. This has had a severe impact on the ability to perform inspections that are traditionally conducted in occupied homes.”

Pruvan provides a digital solution for inspections that mitigates homeowner fears while simultaneously eliminating any conflict of interest and meets strict authentication requirements.

The following features make the Pruvan app the optimal solution for occupant-performed inspections:

  • Tamper-proof timestamping validated against the server
  • Verified geocoding
  • Tamper-proof photo results
  • Customizable Attached Required Forms

About Pruvan

Pruvan is the leading platform in field order management. Founded in 2010 in Austin, TX. The Pruvan app is used across multiple industries including property preservation, home services, delivery, finance and insurance, and construction. The technology developed by Pruvan is creating a new industry standard for proof of performance data collection.

Contact: Jeff Beaulieu, Pruvan,, 512.244.9511