Traveling Without the Family Pet This Holiday? With This New Tech, Now You Can Travel Without the Guilt!

A record-breaking 100 million Americans are expected to travel further than 50 miles from their homes this holiday season. A common concern many have?

What will I do with Fluffy and Fido?

In 2011, 62% of Americans reported having a pet, which means approximately 62 million animals will have owners traveling to see human loved ones between December 23rd and January 3rd alone. This 100 million figure doesn’t account for Thanksgiving travel nor travel for Hanukkah or other holiday celebrations. Our pets are extended members of our families and making sure they are properly cared for during a generally already hectic and stressful month of December is at the top of any pet owners to-do list. While some may be able to travel with their furry friends either by plane, train, or automobile ( has some excellent travel tips), others may simply not be able to bring Fido along for the ride and will be traveling without the family pet this year.

If the latter is the case, while boarding a pet at a kennel can be an good option ( again provides tips on finding a reputable kennel), many owners would prefer their four-legged loved ones to stay at home in the hope of reducing separation anxiety and preventing long faces like these:

sad dog sad cat


Pet sitting services are a dime a dozen, with some providing excellent care and others not so much. Finding the pet sitter that’s right for you and your pet is stressful in and of itself! Additionally, how can you be sure that your pet sitter is actually treating and caring for Fluffy and Fido as promised? Aside from a home surveillance system, is there any other way?

The great news is that there is. While most don’t have this technology yet, some pet sitting companies, like The Pet Gal, are utilizing fairly new technology, like Time To Pet, to reduce the stress of “What if?” and “How can I know for sure?” These companies use technology that not only allows the care giver to keep track of everything specific to the care of your animal, but also allows the care giver to send daily updates with photos and video through email or a special Client Portal! Want to see Fluffy having her belly scratched? The care giver is able to snap a photo at playtime in addition to a full bowl of food and a clean litter box. Want to make sure Fido went for a long walk? The care giver is able to snap photos along the route so that with GPS technology, you can see how far the walk really was and how happy it made Fido. With daily reports and check-ins, mom and dad can travel with peace of mind, being able to see for themselves their loved ones receiving the excellent care that was promised.

Pruvan is a software company with a mobile app and Client Portal that is great for Pet Sitting companies (and many other service companies!) that want to take their customer service to the next level and deliver their customers direct visibility to their furry friends. With the Pruvan Mobile app, the care giver can see projects for each family with specific instructions for care and information about the home. Tasks within the project can be broken down by days and photos taken can be labeled with each required activity: the daily walk, breakfast, dinner, administering medication, whatever is needed of the care giver. Fluffy’s human can view photos of the day’s activities in the secure Client Portal with the option to watch photos of activities appear in the portal in real time, and can leave comments for the care giver like “Good work!” or “Looks like Fluffy needs to be brushed” ensuring the best care possible. You can see how the Client Portal provides real time photos and proof of care, putting owners minds at ease.

Pruvan and other technologies like it are easy applications to implement into any business that wants to differentiate itself by delivering outstanding customer service in the form of trusted results and peace of mind. So why not get started today?


*No relation to any real company, we swear!