There’s More to Love with Pruvan 3.16

Pruvan is pretty amazing, but we’re always coming up with amazing new features that help you get your work done faster so you can get paid quicker. That’s why it’s time to start getting excited for Pruvan’s next release: Pruvan 3.16.

Over the past several month’s we’ve told you about the elegant Client Portal (photos in this blog post), invoicing in Pruvan, and also the ability to save certain projects as Work Types. We’re happy to be able to report ALL the new features in Pruvan 3.16 coming very, very soon to Pruvan Online and Pruvan Mobile!


New Features in Your Pruvan Online Account:


Work Types: Set just about any work order fields, tasks, or options as a Work Type that you can easily apply to your projects. Just select the Work Type you need from your list of saved types and watch the project auto-populate!

Client Project Sharing: Share project results with your clients in a way that’s easier than ever. Simply send a special link to their email address and they’ll have access to view the project through our new Client Portal.

Client Portal: Use our new Client Portal to show project results to your clients. It displays photos and surveys on a map with pin drops of all the locations, certified by the Pruvan Trust Seal.

Pruvan Trust Seal: The Pruvan Trust Seal is located on the new Client Portal and is an interactive CSR. It’s a way to show clients that your project results are in fact third-party certified.

Invoicing: Our integration to FreshBooks Cloud Accounting lets you send invoices to crews and clients and send electronic payments as well.

New Crew Role: The Restricted Crew Role limits what changes a crew member can make to a project.

Partner Branding: Branding is now DIY! Set up custom branding for your business in just a couple of steps directly from your account without the need for contacting the Pruvan Development team.


New Features in Pruvan Mobile:

As always, mobile updates are release shortly after updates to Pruvan Online. You’ll see these updates by the end of April!

Mobile Projects: Ad Hoc projects are no more! But don’t worry, that’s a good thing because now projects created in Pruvan Mobile will sync up to Pruvan Online and be fully manageable on the Projects page!

Hot Links: For those who want an easier way to use Pruvan for their without an integration. Known as our “Zero Integration” option, your business will have some of the benefits and features of an integration, but without having to support any web service APIs.  A Hot Link is simply a URL that automatically launches a project in Pruvan Mobile when when the link is opened on a mobile device. Need more pictures on a project? A Hot Link can also launch directly to the camera on a new or existing project.

iOS Force Touch: The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus support a new feature called Force Touch. With Pruvan Mobile 3.16 for iOS you’ll be able to utilize Force Touch to jump to the New Project screen directly from your iOS home screen. Simply force-push on the Pruvan Mobile icon and then select New Project from the pop-up window. Neat!


More info on each of these new features will be coming soon! So check back to this post throughout the month to learn more or Like us on Facebook to get the latest updates in real time. Questions? Drop us a line!