6 Payment Processors for Contractors

As part of the estimated 40% of the workforce in the United States being contingent workers, which includes independent contractors, on-call workers, and contract employees, getting paid on time can be time-consuming to manage. Taking some of the complication out of each transaction are the following payment processors.   


Instead of factoring in a fee per transaction, you can subscribe monthly to Paystand for accepting payments through credit, ACH, eCheck, and more. Invoices and online bill checkout can also be branded to incorporate your business’ logo. Plus for any repeat jobs, you can set up recurring billing.   


You can track all invoices sent through digitally and in person through Symple. Symple offers a per transaction price with free bank transfers. And if you need to manage invoices for any bills you need to pay, you can add invoices by taking a photo or forwarding an email containing the invoice.    


For businesses needing to invoice a large amount of contractors Payable makes on-boarding each into a payment system easier. Process payments and ensure you have W9s from all your contractors within their platform. Their real-time payment tracking also can reduce the amount of back and forth on the status of any payments. To payout multiple individuals you can even import CSVs.   

Google Wallet

Sole proprietors in the US and United Kingdom can use Google Wallet to collect or send payments with no transaction fees. However, you’ll need a separate invoicing system to send customers a formal invoice. 


Not only does PaySimple let your customers book appointments over the phone, but you can also take payments through email, social and your website. In addition to those options, PaySimple works with a USB or card reader you can attach to your mobile device or computer.   


Braintree owned by PayPal lets you retain your company’s branding when presenting customers a bill. Your customers can also pay with PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and more. Custom reporting is also available.

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